To be considered for the Terry Scholarship at UTA as an incoming freshman, a student must:

  • Have demonstrated participation and leadership in community, work, school, or other organizations.
  • Have strong academic abilities, as evidenced by grades and SAT/ACT scores:
    • SAT/ACT scores will not be required for the 2023-2024 application cycle.  
    • Submitting SAT/ACT scores may help your holistic application review.
  • Be able to demonstrate financial need (subject to case-by-case review).
  • Be a graduate of a Texas high school or Texas home-school
  • Apply for admission to UTA as a full-time student for 2023-2024. We recommend that you apply for the University prior to January 9th. This date is a target date so that you will be admitted before applications are reviewed. Anyone not admitted to the University by the time applications are reviewed cannot be considered.
  • Complete the Free Application for FAFSA (Federal Student Aid) eligibility for need based aid is not a requirement to receive the scholarship.
  • Be willing to live on campus in the designated Terry Scholars residence hall for at least the first year.
  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.


Log into the MavScholarShop with your NetID and complete the Terry Scholar Application for UTA. Remember, there will be a few essays that will need to be completed. You will also need to identify two individuals to complete your letters of recommendation. Do you meet eligibility requirements and are you ready to apply?