Advising for New First Year Students

Below is a to-do list for newly admitted students advised by the University Advising and Engagement Center (UAEC). Please direct any questions to

Your advising team will facilitate a 90-minute virtual session for your college two weeks before your orientation date. The confirmation email you receive contains a link to a required degree plan request form. Be sure to complete the form before your group advising session.







Make sure you’ve accepted your admission so that your account is fully active and you receive appropriate communications.

  • Log in to your MyMav account
  • Click on the admissions title 
  • Select "Application Status"
  • Click "Accept"

Do not assume that your high school has sent your official documents to UTA. If you earned credits while in high school or previously attended another college/university, it is your responsibility to request for an official transcript to be sent to UTA at least two weeks before virtual group advising. 

  • Test credit (such as AP, IB, CLEP, and AVANT) must be sent to UTA by CollegeBoard, the IB Organization, or AVANT. You will need to log into your account and submit a request for scores to be sent to UTA. 
  • Failure to do so may result in your advisor developing an inaccurate transitions plan and list of suggested courses for you. 

Per Texas law, TSI-Liable students cannot register for classes. Therefore, students cannot be advised until they become TSI-Not Complete or TSI-Complete.

  • Follow the instructions you recieve from
  • Direct TSI-related questions to
  • UTA's TSI website explaains the TSI process, exemptions, how to register for TSI, and more. 

The following colleges/majors require the ALEKS math assessment at least one week before your virtual group advising session:

  • College of Engineering (except construction management majors)
  • College of Science (B.S. degrees)
  • Architecture majors
  • Business majors with prior credit for contemporary math (MATH 1301 at UTA)
ALEKS is separate from TSI—it determines your math placement. You should take ALEKS at least one week before your virtual group advising session. You can retake ALEKS up to 5 times at no cost to see if you qualify for a higher-level math course (see the module for details).

  • Even if you are waiting on AP/IB scores, you should take the ALEKS anyway. Waiting until July to take the ALEKS will only further delay your registration process and put you at risk for not getting the classes you need (classes will start to reach capacity).  
All students under the age of 22 are required to be immunized against bacterial meningitis before they enroll at UTA. You can submit your documents to Admissions, Records, and Registration. Click HERE to learn more about the meningitis vaccination requirement.
Don't forget to submit an official final high school transcript with your graduation date to the Office of Admissions. The fastest method is electronically--sent directly from your school. If you are asked for an email address, use However, we will accept transcripts by mail or in person. We must have your official transcript by the 12th class day of your first semester at UTA.