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Gerontology Nursing Scholarship

The Department of Graduate Nursing, College of Nursing is pleased to announce a new full tuition scholarship program for eligible gerontology graduate students.

Scholarships for tuition for full-time graduate nursing students will be available beginning in the fall semester of 2019 through spring 2023 for interested and qualified students admitted to on-campus AG-ACNP, AG-PCNP, DNP, and PhD programs.


Scholarships will be awarded/applicants selected based on the following criteria:

  1. Applicant must have a license to practice as a registered nurse in Texas or compact state.
  2. Commitment to and a passion for excellence in the care of older adults.
  3. Unconditional acceptance status at UTA.
  4. Full time graduate enrollment of 9-10 SCH each long semester and 6 SCH in the summer semester at UTA.
  5. Plans for a career devoted to the delivery of evidence based quality care to older adults or the education of nurses in the same.


Applicants who are interested in receiving this scholarship must:

  1. Complete the UTA ScholarShop application (click or tap here) including a FAFSA application.
    In ScholarShop, navigate to the Gerontology Graduate Scholarships.
  2. Prepare a one-page essay (no more than 650 words) that addresses the following items:
    • The applicant's interest in receiving this scholarship
    • The applicant's qualifications for the scholarship
    • The applicant's career goals
    • The applicant's plan for successfully completing their coursework and program requirements, with attention paid to consideration of work/life balance and any circumstances or arrangements that would be conducive to success. 
  3. Interview with program faculty to review program expectations and the student’s career goals and objectives.
  4. Enroll in full time study according to their degree plan and stay on their degree plan throughout their program.
  5. Remain in good academic standing throughout their program.