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Forms » Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

Please attend one of the CPT seminars if you have any questions regarding CPT. See the CPT Seminar Schedule for more info.

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is one type of employment authorization available to F-1 students interested in gaining practical experience in their field of study while currently enrolled in a degree program.

If a student submits both Summer and Fall CPT requests at the same time, we are processing those currently, provided that the request is complete and the student has enrolled for both Summer and Fall CPT courses and offer letter covers employment dates for both. We would process Summer and Fall separately so both semesters are reflected on I-20, but based on the same request.


  • F-1 student in good academic standing.
  • New students to UT Arlington may be eligible for CPT/OPT employment authorization after completing one academic year of full-time enrollment. One academic year is defined as two consecutive semesters, fall and spring. Summer enrollment does not count toward the academic year requirement.
  • Students transferring in to UT Arlington may be eligible for CPT/OPT authorization after completing one long semester (Fall or Spring) of full-time enrollment.
  • Enrollment in the corresponding internship course at UT-Arlington.
  • The employment requested is an integral part of the degree program and recommended by the academic department.


  • Full-time CPT is limited to two semesters per degree level.
  • There is no limit to the number of part-time CPT authorizations.
  • I-20s cannot be extended on the basis of CPT.
  • Students may not have a GRA/GTA and CPT in the same semester except during summer.
  • Students applying for CPT in their final semester must have at least one required course other than the CPT class in order to be eligible; this is not a change.
  • Students working on CPT in their final semester must end CPT employment by the final day of class.
  • Employment limited to prescribed CPT start/end dates:
CPT Semester Last day of class for semester prior to CPT CPT earliest start date CPT latest start date (mid semester) CPT latest end date First day of class for upcoming semester
Fall 2021






Spring 2022






Summer 2022






Fall 2022






Spring 2023






Request workflow:

  1. Talk to your academic advisor to discuss internship options in your specific degree program.
  2. Interview and get an offer letter for an INTERNSHIP position.
  3. Submit Prospective Employer's Information to the company and get a letter from the company.
  4. Enroll in the corresponding internship course. Your department can provide details. Please note that CPT deadlines are different from course registration and payment deadlines. Registration into the internship course during late registration or after can result in late registration fees.
  5. Have your academic advisor fill out the CPT Academic Advisor Recommendation form.
  6. Fill out the CPT Student Form.
  7. Submit completed forms to the OIE.
  8. Within 7-10 business days, the OIE will determine eligibility and issue a new I-20 authorizing the employment for the specified dates.
  9. Once you receive your new I-20, you may begin working on the start date listed on page 3.

(For more detailed instructions please read CPT Student Form below)

If you reside outside the DFW metroplex you may refer to the mail-in/mail-out process.




CPT Made Simple – Watch Below.

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