Dean of Students

The Dean of Students office, in collaboration with services and programs at the university, are here to advocate and support you through crisis and difficult times. You are not alone.
Student getting help from the OIT help desk in the UC

Our Mission

The Dean of Students strives to create a culture of caring for students. We hope our exemplary programs and services enhance your experience as a Maverick and contribute to your personal and academic success. Through your interactions with our services and programs you will understand we care and advocate for you even when you face challenges to success.

Emergency Assistance

Student who face financial hardships due to emergency or unexpected circumstance can apply for Emergency Assistance. Find out more below.

Report a Concern

Behavior Intervention Team

Students do not always ask for help when they need it. So in an effort to identify students in distress or in need of additional support, UTA has created a network of professionals from across campus that are committed to a caring, confidential program of identification, intervention and response.

BIT Referral

Title IX

Incidents of sexual and interpersonal violence do not reflect who we are as Mavericks, you can report anonymously or on behalf of a community member. We encourage you to visit to learn more about prevention and requirements for reporting.

Report Sexual Misconduct

Get in Touch

In order to best support and advocate for each other and community, we encourage you to report concerns. Because of our commitment to safety and prevention, we offer a number places to report. If you have questions you can email us below.


We recognize that students face challenges and hardships, often making it difficult to achieve academic success. To have our office review for a medical or compassionate withdrawal from a full semester of courses please follow the link below.