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Joining a fraternity or sorority is the beginning of a new experience with new friends and the creation of a home away from home. By joining a fraternal organization, members become part of a larger (inter)national organization and find that they have friends all over the world.

Grow as a Leader

UTA offers many opportunities for students to become involved. Participation in a fraternity or sorority allows for numerous occasions for a member to develop critical leadership skills on campus and within one's own organization.

Serve the Community

In the fraternity and sorority community at UTA, we encourage more than just making new friends within one's organization. Getting involved on and off campus allows you to help your community and give back to those around you.

Succeed in Your Academics

Fraternities and sororities provide members with an opportunity to earn academic awards, recognition, and possible scholarships. Each organization offers academic support programs that could require study hours, offer tutoring sessions with other members, or potential mentoring opportunities.

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How to Join

Not sure how to start in your journey to join a fraternity and sorority? Explore our How to Join page for more information.

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