How to Join

Choosing the Right Fraternity or Sorority for You!

Joining a Fraternity or Sorority

Joining a fraternity or sorority is a mutual selection process between students and fraternity/sorority organizations. This means that as you are exploring which organization is the best fit for you, organizations are examining what students are a good fit for their fraternity/sorority. We challenge you to keep an open mind and consider more than one option to ensure you find the best option.




We encourage you to follow these steps.

  1. Explore Your Options

    Learn about our 26 fraternities and sororities. Each fraternity and sorority offers a unique set of foundational values, philanthropic and service activities, and personal development experiences, and exploring your options allows you to begin identifying what organizations are congruent with your values, and meet your motivating factors to join a fraternity or sorority at UTA.

  2. Attend Events and Ask Questions

    Attend organization or office events like F&SL Open House, Activity Fair Day, or F&SL Interest Sessions. You can also connect with members through social media and in your classes.

    The importance of asking questions during the recruitment process cannot be over emphasized. We encourage you to ask the fraternity/sorority you are interested in joining questions about academic, time, and financial requirements.

  3. Consider the Financial and Time Commitment

    Each fraternity and sorority has financial expectations for membership. Fraternity/sorority membership fees or dues provide chapters their operating budgets to fund all chapter activities and pay for all essential chapter needs. As a member you are expected to pay membership dues/fees to remain active within the organization.

    Each fraternity and sorority also has different time commitment expectations for membership. This may appear as expectations to attend weekly meetings, participate in a minimum number of service hours each semester, or actively engage in one additional student organization. As a member you are expect to actively engage in some level to remain active within the organization.

  4. Apply to Join

    Each fraternity and sorority has their own application process by which you will apply for membership. Some organizations may have a formal process with an application and interview, while others accept your attendance at their recruitment events as your application of membership.

    As you engage with organizations, make sure to ask about what their steps to join are so you are aware of any deadlines or information you may need to submit.


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