What can I do with my anthropology degree?

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Anthropology Paves Your Way to an Amazing Career!

An anthropology degree prepares students for a wide range of careers ranging from the sciences and medicine to the arts and humanities. Understanding humans – from biology to culture – is not only important for your future career but can also make that career more interesting and meaningful.

Where can I find out more about careers?

The American Anthropological Association

The American Anthropological Association is the world’s largest scholarly and professional organization of anthropologists. Members work in higher education, government, private industry, and in non-governmental sectors, include specialists in all branches of anthropology, publishes 22 different journals, and provide career planning and professional development.

American Anthropological Association Website

The Society for American Archaeology

The Society for American Archaeology is the pre-eminent organization for Archaeologists in the US and has members from nations around the globe.

Society for American Archaeology Website

The Society for Applied Anthropology

The Society for Applied Anthropology is an organization dedicated to promoting the application of anthropological knowledge to contemporary societal issues and problems.

The Society for Applied Anthropology Website

How can I get involved in Anthropology in Texas and locally in DFW?

The Texas Archaeological Society

The Texas Archaeological Society promotes the scientific exploration of Texas’ past. They offer affordable, family-friendly field schools and weekend workshops.

The Texas Archaeological Society Website

The Texas Association of Biological Anthropologists

The Texas Association of Biological Anthropologists is a friendly society of faculty, professionals, and students dedicated to advancing understanding of human biology. The annual meeting in the fall is a great opportunity for students to find out about grad programs, build their network, and connect with research opportunities.

The Texas Association of Biological Anthropologists Website

Career Paths

Environment and Natural Resources


Law/Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement
Cultural Resource Management

Design (Products and/or Services)

Social Impact Assessment


Management/Services Delivery

Mass Communication

Market Research

Management Consulting/Organizational Development/Training
International and Public Health

Doctor of Medicine



Cultural studies

Higher education

K-12 education

Outreach and advising


Ethnography/Cultural Anthropology
Historic Preservation

Humanitarian Aid Worker

Museum/Curation/Project Design

Human Rights/Social Justice Advocacy

Community Development