What can I do with my sociology degree?

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Sociology Creates Opportunities for a Meaningful Career! 

A sociology degree prepares graduates for a variety of meaningful careers in education, health, government, business and politics.  Understanding the world we live in provides the foundation for meaningful work and prepares you to be successful in any field you pursue after graduation. 

Where can I find out more about careers?

The American Sociological Association

The American Sociological Association is a national organization of sociologists, both academic and practitioners that has been operating for more than 100 years. The association publishes 13 scholarly journals. The mission of the American Sociological Association is to serve practicing sociologists, advance the science and practice of sociology, and to promote sociological contributions to society. Members include students, scholars and teachers working in a range of educational institutions as well as people employed in government agencies, and the profit and non-profit sectors. The association provides opportunities for students to present papers at meetings and to learn more about careers in sociology. 

Learn more at the ASA Website

The Southwestern Sociological Association

The Southwestern Sociological Association is a regional association that provides opportunities to present papers at meetings and to meet other sociologists.

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Sociologists for Women in Society

Sociologists for Women in Society is an organization dedicated to encouraging the development of sociological feminist theory and scholarship, transforming the academy through feminist leadership, career development, and institutional diversity, and promoting social justice through local, national, and international activism.  SWS is an important resource for feminist sociologists and offers opportunities for student involvement. 

Learn more at the SWS website

Southern Sociological Society

Southern Sociological Society is a regional association that provides opportunities to be involved in a professional association of sociologists, to attend and/or present papers at meetings, and to meet other sociologists.

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Career Paths

Health Services Administrator


Urban Planning

Policy Analyst

Legislative Aide

Law Enforcement/Law/ Labor Relations
Consumer Advocate


Organization Design

Community Development and Planning
Sales and Marketing

Human Relations