Siteimprove Information


UTA uses Siteimprove to identify accessibility issues with our webpages. All employees access Siteimprove by browsing in a Google Chrome browser to and clicking on the Siteimprove icon.

Once you log into Siteimprove, if you do not see the reports for your website(s), simply contact us at or 817-272-5961 to request access.

Siteimprove provides an Accessibility Score for each site. Additionally, we can create custom groups so that departments can separate their scores from the entire domain.

Accessibility Scores

The Accessibility score tile on the UTA Siteimprove Dashboard reflects the new NextGen accessibility score. When you click on the “Improve Score” button followed by the “Score Breakdown” button, you will reach the WCAG Criteria List.

Each criteria is preceded by either a red exclamation point or an orange triangle. The exclamation points represent a confirmed error. The triangle indicates that the item is a potential issue. For potential errors, you are asked a series of questions to determine if the item should be categorized as an error or as resolved. Each criteria with a score of 100 indicates full compliance.

Improving Scores

If you wish to gain the most accessibility points, start here:

  1. Prioritize your A and AA errors based on your expertise and time.
  2. Check the total amount of points that can be gained per issue.
  3. Focus on resolving full pages and not just single issues.

Siteimprove Training

Register for one of the monthly Siteimprove Training classes from OIT or email to schedule your own training session.

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