REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS - CRTLE Teaching Innovation Research Grants


The CRTLE Teaching Innovation Research Grant competition supports education research in any academic discipline at UTA in the Tracks of Study listed below. The award amount is up to $2,500 for a single investigator, or up to $5,000 for 2 or more UTA faculty member co-investigators. The number of grants awarded is dependent upon available funds.
Tracks of Study
1. Research on Teaching and Learning – Any Topic (See CRTLE website for ideas and resources)
2. Enhancing and Assessing Teamwork in Teaching and Learning (See CRTLE’s PLC website)
3. Maverick Advantage Distinguishing Activities in Teaching (See CRTLE’s MAFE website)
a. Student Research
b. Global Engagement
c. Community Engagement
d. Leadership Development
e. Career Development/Internships
4. Artificial Intelligence GenAI Applied in Teaching (see CRTLE’s AI in Education website)
5. Sustainability Implemented in Courses (See the United Nation’s...

2 peoplg writing on paper

Writing Grant Proposals with an Education Focus Session 2


CRTLE hosted a working session, focused on identifying various funding sources and understanding the process of writing grant proposals with an education focus. More sessions to come in the future.


In addition to the annual Seed Grant opportunities, CRTLE is committed to collaborating with faculty to develop research and program grant proposals that include transformative curriculum and instructional innovations in teaching and learning. 


Past Winners