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Collaborate UTA: Quality Enhancement Plan

Collaborate UTA’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), provides undergraduate students with a competitive edge by assessing and enhancing a key skill that employers desire: teamwork. Through the creation of a Student Teamwork Guide, development of Professional Learning Communities, and a Seed Grant Program to promote research, faculty and staff are working to develop innovative and effective ways to enhance and assess teamwork in the classroom and prepare our students for success both during, and after their time at UT Arlington. For more Information, please contact Dr. Clark at


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Teamwork Guide

A central part of our Quality Enhancement Plan is an open-access Student Teamwork Guide developed by UTA faculty,  staff, and students for anyone teaching in courses that involve collaboration. The guide is modular so that instructors can use the whole guide for use in a class, or choose the sections that may be relevant.

We also offer a companion Instructor Guide with case studies, class exercises, and lesson plans for anyone interested in enhancing and assessing teamwork.

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