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The resources available throughout this site will support faculty, staff, students and department administrators regarding all aspects of the payroll processes for employees, payments to nonemployees for professional services, and payments to international persons.

Payroll Processes

Payroll Services procedures are written for two categories of individuals receiving payments from UT Arlington: employees and nonemployees.

Payments to Employees

Payroll Services processes two semi-monthly and one monthly payroll each month. Pay Dates and Deadlines are outlined in  Payroll Processing - Pay Dates and Deadlines ( Procedure BF-P-PR1).

  • There are two ways to receive your paycheck: Direct Deposit (recommended) or pick up in person at the Payroll Services office.  Distribution of Payments ( Procedure BF-P-PR3) provides information on the distribution of paychecks. State law prohibits issuing paychecks prior to the scheduled payday. See  Payroll Advance Policy ( Pay Dates and Deadlines, BF-P-PR1).

  • For information on Direct Deposits.
  • What you should do if your paycheck is stolen or lost.  Lost or Stolen Payroll Checks ( Distribution of Payments, PF-P-PR-03).

  • When your paycheck is unclaimed.  Undeliverable Checks ( Distribution of Payments, PF-P-PR-03).

  • Time records are required for all nonexempt employees. For general time card information see  Time Reports ( Procedure BF-P-PR2) and  Time Cards in  Overtime ( Procedure HR-E-PR28). Blank time records are available online.

  • Nonexempt employees earn overtime for any week in which the employee actually works in excess of 40 hours. Departments have the option of paying for overtime hours or requiring the employee to take time off at one and one-half times the number of hours worked. See  Overtime Requests and Payments to Employees ( Procedure BF-P-PR6) for information on the overtime payment process.

  • Processes and forms for payments of Accrued Vacation, Sick Leave, and Compensatory Time are found in Accrued Vacation, Sick Leave and Death Benefits ( Procedure BF-P-PR7).

  • Employees with a nine-month basis appointment may be eligible to elect salary spread so that payments are received in the summer. To learn more see  Salary Spread Election ( Procedure HR-E-PR35).

Payments to Nonemployees

  • See Payments for Professional Services ( Procedure BF-P-PR9) for information on how to pay individuals performing professional services without a purchase order or contract/agreement from the University as well as other uses of  Authorization for Professional Services ( Form BF-P-F11) and  instructions.

Payments to Nonresident Aliens

  • Special rules apply to employees who are not U.S. citizens. Information about Social Security numbers, GLACIER software, work authorizations and taxes is provided in  Payments to Nonresident Alien Employees ( Procedure BF-P-PR10).

  • Information about Taxable Scholarship Amounts, GLACIER and U.S. Tax Returns for Nonresident Alien Students is available in  Scholarships Awarded to Nonresident Alien Students ( Procedure BF-P-PR11).

  • Payments to Nonresident Alien Independent Contractors, Guest Speakers and Performers ( Procedure BF-P-PR4) provides information for departments planning to pay an international guest who is not a U.S. citizen.

Taxes, Exemptions, and other Deductions

  • The University is required to deduct Federal income taxes based on the employee’s Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate. You may change your filing status and/or allowances by completing a new form in Payroll Services or through UT Share Employee Self Service. For additional information, see  Federal Income Withholding Tax ( Procedure BF-P-PR5).

  • FICA Tax is comprised of two parts, Social Security (OASI) and Medicare. All U. S. citizens, legal residents and nonresident aliens classified as residents for tax purposes are required to participate in the FICA system.  FICA (Federal Insurance Contributions Act) Deductions and Exemptions ( Procedure BF-P-PR5). You may be exempt from paying FICA Tax if you are a Nonresident Alien, see  Payments to Nonresident Alien Employees ( Procedure BF-P-PR10).

  • Payroll Services processes Child Support Orders, Tax Levies, and various Payroll Deduction programs. Contact the  Parking Office for questions about payroll deductions for parking permits. Contact Campus Recreation for information about payroll deductions for the  Maverick Activities Center.