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Buying Goods & Services

Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) and UT System Supply Chain Alliance Fair

Mark your calendar for the annual Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB) and UT System Supply Chain Alliance Vendor Fair on Wednesday, April 18. The event brings representatives from companies for office supplies, office furniture, florists, promotional items, computers, apparel, signs, and much more. The fair is 9 a.m.-noon in the Bluebonnet Ballroom of the University Center. There will be promotional items, refreshments, games and prizes.

Procurement Thresholds for Goods/Services

Spend Thresholds
<$15000 (including freight)
No competitive procurement required. Department must obtain a quote and it must be electronically attached to the UTShare Requisition/PO
$15,000 to $50,000
Informal bids from three (3) or more potential suppliers are required. At least two (2) bids must be obtained from HUBs.
FORMAL BIDS >$50,000 Formal procurement will be conducted by Office of Procurement.

If you have any questions, you may contact Joe White in the Office of Procurement Services at 272-7146 or through email.

How to buy, receive and pay for various goods and services!

If you are involved in buying, receiving or payment process please review the information in the links below.

Procurement procedures are written for three (3) buying processes; two (2) processes for buying which do not require purchase orders, and one (1) process for buying which requires a purchase order.

Buying without a Purchase Order

  • The preferred method utilizes the Purchasing Card (ProCard) Program in which individuals use credit cards issued to them for departmental purchases of $4,000 or less (including freight). Reference Purchasing Card (ProCard) Program (Procedure 4-11) for information.
  • An alternative method for purchases that do not require a purchase order, regardless of the dollar value, is the voucher payment program for certain types of goods and services as specified in Reimbursements and Payments Other Than for Travel and Purchase Orders (Procedure 4-26). Reimbursements are restricted to departmental purchases of $2,000 or less (including freight).

Buying with a Purchase Order

  • Regardless of the dollar value, purchase orders are initiated by individuals within departments by entering a Requisition into UTShare. Require compliance with the requirements detailed in Best Value Purchasing Procedures (Procedure 4-2).
  • For training tools on processing of requisitions in UTShare, see UTShare Financial Topics – Purchasing Goods and Services.

Buying Process Steps 

Regardless of the buying process used, all purchases undergo a four step process; 1) correct initiation of order, 2) validation of receipt of correct goods and/or services, 3) tagging of capital equipment and controlled items, and 4) authorization for payment.


  • Small orders of $4,000 or less may be done by individuals within departments utilizing a ProCard credit card.
  • Orders with a value in excess of $4,000 (including freight) must be secured with a purchase order, and are initiated at the department level with the entry of a Requisition into the UTShare system.

Each method has various advantages and restrictions, and persons placing orders should refer to Best Value Purchasing Procedures (Procedure 4-2), for more information.  Requisition entry may necessitate setting up a new supplier in UTShare. Reference Vendor Set-Up and Maintenance (Procedure 2-13) and UTShare Financial Topics – Manage Vendors, for additional information.

Receiving is a formal method for documenting acceptance of goods from suppliers.  After a purchase order has been dispatched and the items delivered, the items must be received.  The receiving process involves recording the items delivered and comparing the shipment to what was originally ordered through the purchase order.  Departments will perform the desktop receiving process for items $5,000 or less.

Desktop receiving can be accomplished by using the Receive Items page or the Manage Requisitions page.  The Receive Items page will only allow the creator of the requisition to receive their own line items.  The Manage Requisitions page is used to receive line items regardless of who created the requisition in the department.

  • Small orders of $5,000 or less are usually delivered to Central Receiving and delivered to ordering department. Validation of completeness of shipment and usability of received goods is the responsibility of the department. Return of defective shipments and damage claims are covered in Damages and Shortages (Procedure 4-22).  Desktop receiving will need to happen at the departmental level for small orders. See Desktop Receiving at UTShare Financial Topics – Desktop Receiving for instructions on how to accomplish this step.
  • Orders above $5,000 are usually received by Central Receiving. Central Receiving checks the shipment, prepares the Receipt and delivery ticket, and delivers the shipment to the requesting department. Reference Damages and Shortages (Procedure 4-22) for directions in checking delivered merchandise and notifying appropriate departments of any discrepancies.
  • Small orders of $5,000 or less may contain controlled items which must be tagged for inventory control purposes.  Asset Management must be notified to provide tags for all controlled items in any shipment accepted by a department.  Controlled items are  listed in Reimbursements and Payments Other Than for Travel and Purchase Orders (Procedure 4-26, Section II).
  • Orders above $5,000 may contain capital equipment as well as controlled items. If a shipment is received by Central Receiving, the tagging process will begin as part of the shipment processing.  If a shipment is received by the requesting department, Asset Management must be notified to provide tags.

All purchase order payments are to be processed by departments and must be paid for in a timely manner.

  • The process for payment authorization for ProCard purchases may be found at, UTShare Financial Topics – Purchasing Card (ProCard).
  • If the purchase was done with a direct invoice for non-PO item purchases, the payment authorization process is delineated in, UTShare Financial Topics – Create Non-Purchase Order Voucher.
  • If the purchase was done with a purchase order, refer to UTShare Financial Topics – Create Purchase Order Voucher, for information.
  • All purchase orders are authorized for payment when the receipt, if required, is completed by Central Receiving or the ordering department.  UTShare will run a process to match the invoice/voucher to the purchase order and receipt to proceed with payment to the supplier.  For those purchases not requiring a receipt, UTShare will run a process to match the invoice/voucher to the purchase order to proceed with payment to the supplier.

Additional Information regarding Payment Processing

Processing of payments to suppliers in a timely manner is necessary to avoid late payment charges.  Refer to the following resources for assistance in payment processing, and, select Procurement Services (Administrative Offices) on the contact us screen to reach your Accounts Payable representatives for additional help, should the need arise.

  • The current late payment penalty may be found at Prompt Payment Law Interest Rate.
  • Receipts denominated in foreign currency will require conversion to U.S. Dollars. Reference OANDA, for the currency converter service utilized by UT Arlington.

Additional Procurement procedures are available for processes that are unique to specific situations or need expanded delineation of specific requirements or restrictions.

  • Transactions with employee restrictions are delineated in Transactions with Employees (Procedure 4-14).
  • Guidelines for the payment of, or exemption from, taxes applied to UT Arlington purchases may be found in Tax (Procedure 4-16).
  • Instructions for acquiring departmental gasoline credit cards for use for UT Arlington vehicles may be found in Gasoline Credit Card (Procedure 4-27).
  • Information on purchasing computing equipment can be found at Emergency Centralized Computer Distribution Procedure (Procedure 19-1).

All state agencies are encouraged to make a good faith effort to increase purchases and contract awards to certified Historically Underutilized Businesses. It is the policy of UT Arlington to maximize opportunities for HUB firms to provide materials, supplies, equipment, and services to the university. The various methods used to promote HUB participation in procurement processes are found in Contract with Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB) (Procedure 4-28). HUB certified suppliers may be found in the following listings.

  • Listings of HUB certified suppliers may be found at UT Arlington’s web site Find a HUB.
  • Listings of HUB suppliers that have been certified with the Comptroller of Public Accounts may be found at the Texas Centralized Master Bidder List.

Additional resources are available for buying goods and services at UT Arlington.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a value supplier for the University of Texas at Arlington. Building strategic partnerships with the vendor community is extremely important in ensuring the continued growth and success of our programs and operations.

This page contains several links to important information you should review prior to engaging the University.


All business is conducted subject to State of Texas, University, UT System and Board of Regents rules and regulations. Business is conducted in a transparent manner and all communications are subject to Public Information requests to ensure there is no appearance of impropriety or vendor preferential treatment. No vendor nor their employees, agents, representatives or subcontractors will assist or cause University employees to violate University's Conflicts of Interest Policy provisions described by Procedure 3-34: Ethics and Standards of Conduct or any applicable State ethics law or rule. Any vendor who violates any of these guidelines man be disqualified from doing future business with the University.

The University also follows the National Association of Educational Procurement’s Code of Ethics( ). Vendors are expected to conduct their business accordingly.

No work or expenditure is authorized without an executed Purchase Order, Contract, Change Order or Contract Amendment. If you supply goods or perform services without formal University authorization, you do so at your own risk and expense.

Any discussions with University staff is informal and non-binding unless part of a formal procurement activity through Procurement Services.

All work will be done according the University's Terms and Conditions ( ). These terms are fair and equitable for both parties. If your organization requires the University execute any other documents (e.g. your own terms of sale, a license agreement, a quote document that incorporates additional terms, etc…) be advised that:

  • Any such documents must be submitted up front as part of your quote/bid/proposal. Any documents submitted after an order has been placed will not be considered.
  • Any such documents will require review by our Legal Affairs department which will delay the order by several weeks at a minimum, and may in fact force us to utilize another source if mutually agreeable terms cannot be negotiated. As a State institution, there are significant limitations on which terms are negotiable.
  • During an active solicitation process, vendor may have direct contact only with a Procurement Services point-of-contact, or with other University personnel during Procurement directed meetings. Violation of this policy may result in disqualification of the vendor from the procurement opportunity

Procurement Services does not maintain our own bidders list. In order to gain access to formal bid opportunities we suggest you register with the State of Texas Centralized Master Bidders List (CMBL) ( ). You can register as a bidder for specific commodity and/or services codes. All formal bids are posted on the Electronic State Business Daily (ESBD) at where vendors can retrieve the solicitation documents and participate in the bid/proposal process.

The University of Texas at Arlington is committed to ensuring that HUB’s are given the opportunity to compete for our business. For more information on the University’s HUB program please visit our HUB page or contact our HUB Coordinator Laurie Thompson at 817-272-2039 or Send Mail


End User Resources/

The Business of Buying at UT Arlington 2017

Procurement Timelines Overview 2017

Account Codes Apr 2017

Procuring Cloud Based Services

University Cell Phone Procedure

FAQs and Helpful Hints

Procurement Issues and Processes

UT Share Issues

Instructions for Summus/Dell Orders and Custom Quotes

For more detailed information and training on specific procedures and functionalities, please visit:

Please review the news and information below for the latest updates from Procurement Services! Check back periodically as this information will be updated as needed!

The wait is finally over! Apple Direct will be available through mav eshop logo with mav eshop title

beginning at 8 a.m. on Monday October 30th. The University has long taken advantage of the aggressive pricing offered through Apple Direct via the Department of Information Resources (DIR) contracts, and now these products will be available in our on-line shopping interface which offers additional overall cost savings to the University in reduced processing time and effort.

To get started shopping visit:

If you have not been trained to use mav eshop logo with mav eshop title

Please contact Business Affairs Support Desk and Training at

The University has contracted with three (3) preferred suppliers for coffee services. Each provider can service your department at various service levels:

  1. • Vendor can delivery product upon departmental order.
  1. • Vendor can maintain product levels by way of a set schedule where they come in and ascertain what product(s)/supplies need to be replenished.
  1. • Vendor can maintain product levels as described in #2 above as well as provide and maintain brewing equipment.

In addition to coffee/tea products, each vendor can supply a variety of drink additives (sweeteners and creamers) as well as beverage accessories such as stirrers, cups, plastic ware and paper products.

Use of these providers is not required, but preferred. Payments for items purchases will be made via a non-PO voucher referencing Contract #2017-006.

For individual contract pricing and other information please click the following links:

Community Coffee Company

Mcliff Coffee & Vending Services

Vend Pro Refreshment Services

Please contact Nancy Czarowitz at ext. 2-1746 or with questions or for clarification.

As the result of a lengthy proposal and evaluation process by a team of University representatives from several departments, Prestige Business Solutions has been selected as the preferred supplier for day-to-day printing needs of the University effective February 1, 2017. 

Prestige Business Solutions is a full service offset and digital print supplier with a wide range of printing and copying capabilities, including an on-line, easy to use ordering portal for items such as business cards and letterhead specifically tailored to the needs of the University. Prestige Business Solutions will be delivering completed print jobs to campus daily. Our campus representative, Doug Kraum (contact info below), is available to assist University departments personally as needed. In addition, Prestige Business Solutions is a certified Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) with the State of Texas. (printing/copying)

Main Number: 817-328-7300

Doug Kraum

Lisa Petree

Placing Orders

Orders may be placed directly with Prestige. They accept the University ProCard or you can use their on-line ordering portal. If you do not already have an account, please contact Prestige to get set up.

Paying for Orders

When paying for services procured from Prestige, you may pay with a non-PO voucher and include the contract number 2016-015.

For more information on this new preferred supplier agreement you may contact Joe White in the Contract Management Office at 817-272-6148 or


Dell orders are processed through Summus Industries, Inc. Summus is a long-time UT Arlington, UT System and Dell partner, as well as a certified HUB vendor in the State of Texas. OIT approved Dell products are available on the University’s Dell Premier Page which can be accessed through the MAVeSHOP shopping portal. In order to gain access to MAVeSHOP, please contact the designated Requester(s) in your department. These are the users who can enter requisitions into UTShare and control access to the shopping portal for each department.

The University has contracted with four (4) companies for charter bus services for fiscal year ’17-18. The new Agreements are effective as of September 1, 2017. The services are inclusive of transportation for day trips within the Dallas/Fort Worth area and overnight trips to destinations outside the DFW area and outside Texas for all university related functions. Use of these contracts is mandatory.  University departments may NOT contract for charter bus services with any company aside from these four (4) companies without prior approval from Procurement Services.  This is to ensure any company transporting university faculty, staff, students and/or guests carries the UT System required levels of insurance.

The contractors are Cowtown Charters, Dan Dipert Coaches, Echo Transportation and Lone Star Coaches. Use of any of these vendors is allowable. There are no primary, secondary, etc. contractors. For individual contract pricing and other information please see the Exclusive Use Campus Wide Agreements webpage.

Please contact Nancy Czarowitz at ext. 2-7146 or with questions or for clarification.