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Buying Goods & Services

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Attention Vendors:
Purchase Order Scam Alert

UTA Procurement Services has become aware that there is a nationwide scam hitting many universities. An outside party obtains information regarding Procurement personnel from the university’s website, including the university logo and main address, and proceeds to issue fraudulent purchase orders to vendors for a variety of goods and services. The purchase orders are generally emailed from “.outlook” addresses with some variation of the name of someone in the Procurement Department. This is activity is currently under investigation by multiple agencies nationwide including the FBI.


Thank you very much and we sincerely apologize any inconvenience this may cause the vendor community.

Prestige Business solutions Selected as new Preferred supplier for printing/copying services

Since 2012 the University has had an agreement with the City of Arlington to utilize their Canon Print Center for many of the day-to-day printing needs of the University, including the printing of business cards and university stationery items. This agreement will come to an end on January 31, 2017.

The University’s Office of Contract Management, in conjunction with a an evaluation team of University representatives, recently completed a thorough competitive Request For Proposal (RFP) and evaluation process and has selected Prestige Business Solutions as the preferred supplier for day-to-day printing needs of the University effective February 1, 2017. 

Prestige Business Solutions is a full service offset and digital print supplier with a wide range of printing and copying capabilities, including an on-line, easy to use ordering portal for items such as business cards and letterhead specifically tailored to the needs of the University. Prestige Business Solutions will be delivering completed print jobs to campus daily. Our campus representative, Doug Kraum (contact info below), is available to assist University departments personally as needed. In addition, Prestige Business Solutions is a certified Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) with the State of Texas.

Prestige Business Solutions will be on campus for a meet-and-greet session on January 30 in the Guadalupe Room of the University Center from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Company representatives, as well as Procurement staff, will be on-hand to discuss all aspects of Prestige’s capabilities, offer on-going demonstrations of the on-line ordering portal, as well as to set follow up appointments with individual departments to better understand the needs of the campus community.

Please make plans to attend this event and learn more about the capabilities and benefits of working with our newest preferred supplier. If you or someone from your department can not attend, Prestige Business Solutions can be reached directly at any of the following:
Main Number :

Doug Karum
Lisa Petree

For more information on this new preferred supplier agreement you may contact Joe White in the Contract Management Office at 817-272-6148 or

New Five Year Agreement with W.W. Grainger, Inc for Maintenance, Repair and Operations Products and Services

The University, through the U.T. System Supply Chain Alliance, has entered into a new five-year preferred supplier agreement with W.W. Grainger, Inc. for a variety of maintenance, repair and operations products and services. Grainger was recently awarded the new contract after a rigorous competitive proposal process. Grainger has been providing outstanding products and services to the University for many years and all parties look forward to continuing the relationship.

While known traditionally for more industrial-type maintenance and repair items, Grainger now offers over 1 million different products in a variety of product categories that are available to the University under the new agreement. For more information on any of their products and services available please contact the representatives listed below or visit for a complete product and service catalog.

In addition to an aggressive pricing structure, the new agreement offers the following added value benefits to the University community at no additional charge:

  • Dedicated on-campus support
  • Product and safety training
  • Product demos from manufacturers as requested
  • On-line / punch out order capabilities in UT Share (PeopleSoft)
  • Inventory / usage audits and management

As a further benefit to the University, Grainger partners with the Burgoon Company which is a State certified Historically Underutilized Business (HUB). All Grainger products can be ordered through Burgoon to receive 100% HUB credit, with no price increase. Orders, questions, or requests for more information on any of the products and services available under this agreement can be directed to either:

Richie Robida
W.W. Grainger, Inc.
Christi CdeBaca
Burgoon Company (HUB)

Meet the Vendor Wednesday January 25, 2017 from Noon to 3 pm.

Both company representatives, along with Procurement Services Buyers and Contract Specialists will be available for a come and go “meet and greet” information session for the University community on January 25, 2017 from noon – 3 p.m. in the first floor conference room of the Business Administration Annex (Watson Building) at 219 W. Main Street in downtown Arlington. This is a great opportunity to come and visit with both companies and learn more about how they can service your department’s needs. Hope to see you there!


Effective November 1, 2015, UT Arlington will be implementing new thresholds for the procurements of goods and services:
Current Spend Thresholds New Spend Thresholds
$5000 and less (including freight)
<$15000 (including freight)
No competitive procurement required. Department must obtain a quote and it must be electronically attached to the UTShare Requisition/PO
>$5,000 to $25,000
$15,000 to $50,000
Informal bids from three (3) or more potential suppliers are required. At least two (2) bids must be obtained from HUBs.
FORMAL BIDS >$25,000 FORMAL BIDS >$50,000 Formal procurement will be conducted by Office of Procurement.

Also attached for your reference is a Procurement Guideline Matrix, which provides detailed information for each dollar threshold.
NOTE:  The ProCard limits will remain unchanged.
Payment / Voucher Information:  The processing and payment of Purchase-Order based vouchers will also change accordingly.

    • $5,000 and less: Dispatched to the vendor 10/31/15 and before – Departments will process the invoice in UTShare
    • <$15,000:  Dispatched to the vendor 11/1/15 and after – Departments will process the invoice in UTShare

    • >$5,000:  Dispatched to the vendor 10/31/15 and before – Office of Disbursements will handle the processing and payment
    • $15,000 and over:  Dispatched to the vendor 11/1/15 and after – Office of Disbursements will handle the processing and payment

If you have any questions, you may contact Nancy Czarowitz in the Office of Procurement Services at 272-7146 or


Dell Computer Logo


After evaluating several options over the last few months, the University Offices of Procurement Services and Information Technology will be transitioning to a new supplier for Dell products utilizing the UT System Supply Chain Alliance with Dell. This transition offers an improved financial position for the University while remaining largely transparent to end users. Beginning on June 3rd, 2016, all Dell orders will be processed through Summus Industries, Inc. Summus is a long-time UT Arlington, UT System and Dell partner, as well as a certified HUB vendor in the State of Texas. The only notable difference for end users will be to utilize Summus Industries when creating a requisition in UT Share (vendor ID 0000041508, use address 6 for your requisition). For a list of all current approved configurations and pricing, please visit the Office of Information Technology website at


The Office of Procurement Services has been made aware of calls from a company called Network Imaging, regarding the order of a toner cartridge over a month ago.  The caller is faxing an invoice and then wants the invoice signed and returned immediately.

DO NOT TAKE ACTION!!  Management at Konica Minolta, the University's preferred supplier, has confirmed that toner for their products will come directly from Konica Minolta.


The buying processes at the University of Texas at Arlington (UT Arlington) include the ordering, receiving, and payment for all goods and services to support the mission of the university. Procurement oversees the various methods used to order goods and services. Asset management responsibilities start with the generation of receiving reports for purchased goods and include documenting procedures for tracking, safeguarding, and disposing of university property and university held federal government property. Payments for goods and services are processed by Accounts Payable in a manner to ensure compliance with all required fiduciary controls. Our goal is to provide for our customers the most effective and efficient procurement of quality goods and services to enable the university to achieve educational and research goals while insuring that all State of Texas as well as UT Arlington procedures are followed. Information is also provided on this web site to assist suppliers in selling their goods and services to the university. If questions arise, please contact UT Arlington Procurement, Asset Management, the HUB Program Director, and Accounts Payable staff at any time.

General Information regarding Buying Goods and Services

Buying procedures and requirements will vary depending upon what is being purchased, who purchases, the source of funding utilized to pay for a purchase, the dollar amount of a purchase, and the supplier of the goods and/or services. Each user and supplier of goods and services should be aware of the constraints that pertain to their situation. Reference Best Value Purchasing Procedures (Procedure 4-2) for an overview on all of these topics.

For a high level overview of the Procurement process and requirements, please review “The Business of Buying at UT Arlington” power point presentation.

Buying Processes

Procurement procedures are written for three (3) buying processes; two (2) processes for buying which do not require purchase orders, and one (1) process for buying which requires a purchase order.

Buying without a Purchase Order

  • The preferred method utilizes the Purchasing Card (ProCard) Program in which individuals use credit cards issued to them for departmental purchases of $4,000 or less (including freight). Reference Purchasing Card (ProCard) Program (Procedure 4-11) for information.
  • An alternative method for purchases that do not require a purchase order, regardless of the dollar value, is the voucher payment program for certain types of goods and services as specified in Reimbursements and Payments Other Than for Travel and Purchase Orders (Procedure 4-26). Reimbursements are restricted to departmental purchases of $2,000 or less (including freight).

Buying with a Purchase Order

  • Regardless of the dollar value, purchase orders are initiated by individuals within departments by entering a Requisition into UTShare and submitting the required Requisition approval form in UTAFlow and require compliance with the requirements detailed in Best Value Purchasing Procedures (Procedure 4-2).
  • For training tools on processing of requisitions see UTShare Financial Topics – Purchasing Goods and Services.

Buying Process Steps 

Regardless of the buying process used, all purchases undergo a four step process; 1) correct initiation of order, 2) validation of receipt of correct goods and/or services, 3) tagging of capital equipment and controlled items, and 4) authorization for payment.


  • Small orders of $4,000 or less may be done by individuals within departments utilizing a ProCard credit card.
  • Orders with a value in excess of $4,000 (including freight) must be secured with a purchase order, and are initiated at the department level with the entry of a Requisition into the UTShare system and submitting a Requisition approval form in UTAFlow.

Each method has various advantages and restrictions, and persons placing orders should refer to Best Value Purchasing Procedures (Procedure 4-2), for more information.  Requisition entry may necessitate setting up a new supplier in UTShare. Reference Vendor Set-Up and Maintenance (Procedure 2-13) and UTShare Financial Topics – Manage Vendors, for additional information.

Receiving Goods and Services

Receiving is a formal method for documenting acceptance of goods from suppliers.  After a purchase order has been dispatched and the items delivered, the items must be received.  The receiving process involves recording the items delivered and comparing the shipment to what was originally ordered through the purchase order.  Departments will perform the desktop receiving process for items $5,000 or less.

Desktop receiving can be accomplished by using the Receive Items page or the Manage Requisitions page.  The Receive Items page will only allow the creator of the requisition to receive their own line items.  The Manage Requisitions page is used to receive line items regardless of who created the requisition in the department.

  • Small orders of $5,000 or less are usually delivered to Central Receiving and delivered to ordering department. Validation of completeness of shipment and usability of received goods is the responsibility of the department. Return of defective shipments and damage claims are covered in Damages and Shortages (Procedure 4-22).  Desktop receiving will need to happen at the departmental level for small orders. See Desktop Receiving at UTShare Financial Topics – Desktop Receiving for instructions on how to accomplish this step.
  • Orders above $5,000 are usually received by Central Receiving. Central Receiving checks the shipment, prepares the Receipt and delivery ticket, and delivers the shipment to the requesting department. Reference Damages and Shortages (Procedure 4-22) for directions in checking delivered merchandise and notifying appropriate departments of any discrepancies.

Tagging of Capital Equipment and Controlled Items

  • Small orders of $5,000 or less may contain controlled items which must be tagged for inventory control purposes.  Asset Management must be notified to provide tags for all controlled items in any shipment accepted by a department.  Controlled items are  listed in Reimbursements and Payments Other Than for Travel and Purchase Orders (Procedure 4-26, Section II).
  • Orders above $5,000 may contain capital equipment as well as controlled items. If a shipment is received by Central Receiving, the tagging process will begin as part of the shipment processing.  If a shipment is received by the requesting department, Asset Management must be notified to provide tags.

Authorization for Payment

All purchase order payments are to be processed by departments and must be paid for in a timely manner.

  • The process for payment authorization for ProCard purchases may be found at, UTShare Financial Topics – Purchasing Card (ProCard).
  • If the purchase was done with a direct invoice for non-PO item purchases, the payment authorization process is delineated in, UTShare Financial Topics – Create Non-Purchase Order Voucher.
  • If the purchase was done with a purchase order, refer to UTShare Financial Topics – Create Purchase Order Voucher, for information.
  • All purchase orders are authorized for payment when the receipt, if required, is completed by Central Receiving or the ordering department.  UTShare will run a process to match the invoice/voucher to the purchase order and receipt to proceed with payment to the supplier.  For those purchases not requiring a receipt, UTShare will run a process to match the invoice/voucher to the purchase order to proceed with payment to the supplier.

Additional Information regarding Payment Processing

Processing of payments to suppliers in a timely manner is necessary to avoid late payment charges.  Refer to the following resources for assistance in payment processing, and, select Procurement Services (Administrative Offices) on the contact us screen to reach your Accounts Payable representatives for additional help, should the need arise.

  • The current late payment penalty may be found at Prompt Payment Law Interest Rate.
  • Receipts denominated in foreign currency will require conversion to U.S. Dollars. Reference OANDA, for the currency converter service utilized by UT Arlington.

 Additional Procurement Procedures

Additional Procurement procedures are available for processes that are unique to specific situations or need expanded delineation of specific requirements or restrictions.

  • Transactions with employee restrictions are delineated in Transactions with Employees (Procedure 4-14).
  • Guidelines for the payment of, or exemption from, taxes applied to UT Arlington purchases may be found in Tax (Procedure 4-16).
  • Instructions for acquiring departmental gasoline credit cards for use for UT Arlington vehicles may be found in Gasoline Credit Card (Procedure 4-27).
  • Information on purchasing computing equipment can be found at Emergency Centralized Computer Distribution Procedure (Procedure 19-1).
  • For the purchase of temporary information technology staffing please refer to the Department of Information Resources page for this type of procurement.

Contract Services and/or Preferred Suppliers

Several goods and/or services are available from suppliers that are recommended by Procurement or contractually required in order to provide best value to UT Arlington.

  • Contracted services for bus charters and temporary employees may be found at Campus Wide Blanket Orders. You are required to use these suppliers for these types of services.
  • UT Arlington’s preferred supplier for express shipping may be found at eShipGlobal. This supplier is HUB certified (see next section).
  • UT Arlington’s exclusive supplier for office supplies may be found at Today's Business Solutions. This vendor is also HUB certified (see next      section).

Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB)

All state agencies are encouraged to make a good faith effort to increase purchases and contract awards to certified Historically Underutilized Businesses. It is the policy of UT Arlington to maximize opportunities for HUB firms to provide materials, supplies, equipment, and services to the university. The various methods used to promote HUB participation in procurement processes are found in Contract with Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB) (Procedure 4-28). HUB certified suppliers may be found in the following listings.

  • Listings of HUB certified suppliers may be found at UT Arlington’s web site Find a HUB.
  • Listings of HUB suppliers that have been certified with the Comptroller of Public Accounts may be found at the Texas Centralized Master Bidder List.

Additional Buying Resources

Additional resources are available for buying goods and services at UT Arlington.

Information for Suppliers Doing Business with UT Arlington

Bids, Requests for Proposals, and other information for suppliers who wish to sell goods and services to UT Arlington is available at Doing Business with UT Arlington.