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Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) is a business certified by the State of Texas as being owned, operated, and controlled by an individual who is economically disadvantaged and who has been historically underutilized because of their identification as members of the following groups:

  • Asian-Pacific American 
  • Black Americans
  • Hispanic Americans 
  • Native American 
  • American Women
  • Service Disabled Veterans (with a 20% disability rating)

The HUB must have a permanent business office located in Texas where the majority HUB owner(s) makes the decisions, controls the daily operations of the organization, and participates in the business. The qualifying owners must be residents of the State of Texas.

Please be aware, the Texas State HUB Program is not the same as the Federal Government HUB Zone Program. For information on the HUB Zone Program, please visit the Small Business Administration website or contact by phone (817) 355-5524.

What are the benefits of being certified as a HUB?

As a certified HUB your business will be registered, at no cost, in the State of Texas HUB Directory. This directory is available to more than 200 state agencies and institutions of higher education to assist them in identifying HUBs available for bids, thereby, increasing a HUB's chances of being notified of bid opportunities.

State agency HUB Program Coordinators/Managers will help introduce your company to their Procurement Office.

Other government agencies and private industry companies also use the HUB directory to identify eligible minority and/or women-owned businesses for their procurement opportunities/bids.

No. However, all state agencies, including UT Arlington, must make a good faith effort to seek out HUB's for bid opportunities. Therefore, being certified as a HUB increases your chances of being contacted for a bid when the goods and/or services provided by your company are needed by a state agency or institution of higher learning. This may also be true on bid opportunities with private industry companies since they utilize the HUB directory to identify minority or women-owned business for their bids.

Contact the UT Arlington HUB Program Coordinator at (817) 272-2039 to introduce yourself and your company to determine if there is a need for your goods and/or services. You may also e-mail a line sheet with goods and/or services information, which will be shared with the Procurement Office.

UT Arlington, like other state agencies, does not maintain its own vendor file. They instead use the State of Texas Centralized Master Bidders List (CMBL) to identify businesses that may be interested in doing business with state agencies. If you wish to be listed in the State Centralized Master Bidders List (CMBL) there is a modest yearly fee.

Please visit the Centralized Master Bidders List (CMBL) page for more information regarding registration. If you have any questions about the on-line registration or the CMBL in general, please call (512) 463-3459. Registered bidders (HUB and Non-HUB vendors) who have paid the annual fee will receive e-mail notification of bid opportunities.

Registered bidders (HUB and Non-HUB vendors) who have paid the annual fee will receive e-mail notification of bid opportunities.

You may also wish to check the Electronic State Business Daily where UT Arlington posts all bid solicitations. Postings can be viewed by looking at the Agency Name ‘UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT ARLINGTON-714’. A PDF version of all Bids and proposals are available for viewing and printing.