Where will life after high school take you? This is a question that many students do not know in college, much less in high school. However, as a Talent Search student you have taken that initiative to be ready for college in advance, if you take advantage of all the services we provide. As part of our intensive preparation for your college entrance, Seniors are asked to complete the following "CHECKLIST" so as to be better served by the Talent Search program:

Reminder: We have fee waivers available for students who are in good standing with our program. Please speak to your designated advisor.


 1. Texas TRiO Association Scholarship
 2. AISD Scholarship List
 3. Ft. Worth ISD Scholarship List
 4. Colleges Offering Free Tuition
 5. Visit for more information about DFW ATW

Senior Check List

Free College Prep Resources

Register for free online access to college and career planning:
* Search for scholarships
* Prepare for ACT & SAT
* Explore career options

College Research

The College Board has a new FREE feature on their website, BigFuture. One of the features of BigFuture is the ability to build a college search list based upon your preferences. Go to and choose Find Colleges College > Search to get started.


Students need to be familiar with Admissions Applications and most schools in Texas use a 'common' application, meaning one application is used for all colleges and universities in Texas; this is called the Texas Common Application, which can be completed online at ApplyUTA. Only one application is needed for admission, you just have to list the college(s) you are interested in attending.

** Students will be able to complete the application during the Senior Conference in the fall and during admissions nights throughout the year and the out of state common application is


Almost every university will require entering students to submit either ACT or SAT scores. As part of the Talent Search program, students are provided with FEE WAIVERS so students will never have to pay to take the test.

** There is a limit of 2 fee waivers per test per person. Students are allowed 2 ACT fee waivers and 2 SAT fee waivers. Students should visit and to review test dates, locations and other important information.

*** Talent search students will review this information during the Senior Conference and during ACT/SAT registrations throughout the year.

Financial Aid

In order to help pay for college, you must Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at Even if you think that you may not qualify for federal student aid, many scholarship applications require that you complete the FAFSA for income verification purposes.

2023 2024 UTA Financial Aid & Scholarships Overview

To help us better prepare for college visits this year, we want your opinions and suggestions on which colleges and universities you would like to see. Please email us your top 3 colleges or universities you would like to visit.

These steps will help you move towards a successful college career and better prepare yourself for the future. If you have any questions or comments, please forward to or contact our office at UTA 817-272-0348.