Program Participant Testimonials

"I am a twelve year Marine veteran and also disabled. I have attended other schools and have not encountered so much assistance for veterans. I am truly amazed at how the Veterans Assistance Center walked me through registration. They were always there to assist me with any questions or circumstances. You don’t see help like this for veterans transitioning into school. Some of us deal with a lot of difficulties and need assistance in some areas. UTA shows its support to veterans in many ways and is very well appreciated by veterans. I again, am happy to be here for my second semester."
Ronny Gay


"I want to thank the staff of the Veterans Upward Bound Program for helping me get enrolled at Tarrant County College. The staff was extremely helpful and made me feel confident when starting the process of enrolling in school. Beforehand, I didn’t know what to do or where to go but as soon as I came here, I knew exactly what I needed to do. I can’t thank you enough and hope many veterans who find themselves lost and overwhelmed with getting back into school, will find you."
Ke’Oren Jackson-Smith


"I would like to say that the staff here helped me with every step to get into college and do my financial aid. I would like to thank everyone here at Veterans Upward Bound for getting the information to get me in and get me started. Without their help, I would have been lost and probably not started school. They went above and beyond duty to help me and guide me every step of the way. I owe my coming to UTA to Veterans Upward Bound staff. They were always available to me for any questions or to tell me where to get things done. The VetSuccess Counselor has gotten me every piece of information I have asked for through the VA system. So I would like to thank the Veterans Upward Bound staff for all the help and assistance they have given me as a veteran."
Larry D. Levy


"Thank you, every person at the Veterans Upward Bound location. They have made me feel at home and made the whole transition into college one of ease. The first phone call to my last visit before class registration, they have not stopped caring about me and make sure my initial goals are met."
Christopher Swearingin


"I was introduced to the Veterans Upward Bound program by a fellow veteran at UTA. Since being a part of the program I have watched my grades and my motivation for graduating increase. The Veterans Upward Bound counselors have helped my grades in statistics increase one letter grade through pairing me with a tutor who has been very influential and instructive in helping increase my knowledge and performance in my statistics class. The tutorial service is free to all veterans in the Veterans Upward Bound program. If I need anything from printing services to counseling, EVERYTHING regarding services as a veteran in college, the Veterans Upward Bound program has gone above and beyond to help me succeed as an undergraduate at UTA."
Andrea Brown


"The Veterans Upward Bound program has been very helpful in getting me prepared for college. They made sure that I got my classes scheduled and registered for the spring semester. The Veterans Upward Bound staff is very friendly and I felt at home from the moment I walked through the door. I would recommend the veterans Upward program to every veteran that is interest in attending the University of Arlington."
Blake Sims


“There are no office hours for leaders.”
Cardinal J. Gibbons