Upward Bound provides its participants with a wide range of free services aimed at improving their academic skills and their motivation and determination to pursue post-secondary education.

Academic Year Services

Academic Tutoring Resource Center (ATRC)

The After School Tutoring program is conducted on the UTA Campus. The weekly tutoring sessions will operate in accordance with the Upward Bound objectives to develop the participant's academic and professional skills, prepare them for college entrance exams, and aid them in general academic readiness for college.

In order to aid the students in their academic progress, ATRC sessions are offered Tuesday through Thursday from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm.

The sessions may include Skill Development, Academic Tutoring, Standardized Test Preparation, and Foreign Language and Academic Competition Training (ABC).

UB Participants must complete 5 hours of documented volunteer and/or community service per month. All volunteer and community service hours completed for the semester should be entered in the log provided. Volunteer sponsors are asked to sign the participant’s form each month as verification. The form is then reviewed by the students’ Educational Advisor at the end of each month.

Academic Enrichment Workshops

Academic Enrichment Classes are generally held on two Saturdays of each month on UTA campus from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. The content and objectives for each class will be determined by the Upward Bound Staff and will include academic skills development, test preparation for STAAR, SAT, ACT, and THEA, with the reinforcement of the subjects studied in school. Transportation from students’ designated school campuses to UTA and to return is provided via school district busing.

Quality of Life Seminars 

Quality of Life Seminars expose students to colleges, career information, and skill development exercises through workshops, educational and cultural field trips, and hands-on activities. These seminars are held in the form of scheduled workshops both during Saturday activities and during the week.

Volunteer & Community Service

The Upward Bound program partners with a community organization in the Dallas/Fort Worth area to supply students with community service opportunities, a component that helps increase student engagement, supports our community and teaches students the value of helping others thrive. These activities also boost students’ competitive resumes in college acceptance and scholarship awards.

Summer Program Services

Upward Bound hosts multiple summer programs that prepare students for college readiness and their senior year. 

Residential Component

The Upward Bound Program Summer Component is an extension of the Academic Year and offers participants the opportunity to further receive academic enrichment in preparation for the upcoming school year as well as get a glimpse of what college life is like. Participants live and study on UTA campus for 6 weeks beginning in June.


Academic courses in Literature, Composition, Foreign Language, Math, Science, and college readiness will be taught by certified teachers. These courses are designed to dive deeper or provide introduction to topics based on student’s grade levels and performance. Teachers will provide special projects and activities.


In the afternoon, students take elective courses in various disciplines. Course offerings change every summer to offer the students an opportunity to receive new experiences. On Friday mornings, students take Workshops/Seminars which allow them to grow personally, socially, and professionally.

Residential Campus Life Component

During the six week summer program, students will live on campus in one of UTA’s residence halls. Alongside our program staff, highly qualified Residential Advisors (RAs) are hired to live with the students in the Residence Hall and to provide supervision, support, and mentoring for all students. Students learn the “ins and outs” of living on campus, taking part in residence hall activities, and enjoying the perks of our campus dining services (when available). Upward Bound students have access to the university's libraries, gyms, and computer labs as if they were fulltime college students, and will be given supervision at all times so parents can sleep soundly.

Summer Activities

During the six week summer program, students will also have the opportunity take part in various activities related to college/career development, social/emotional development, and community services. Upward Bound students participate in community services throughout the summer. Previous cultural and social events have included the College2 Career Conference, Academic Bowl Competitions, local and state-wide College Tours, the TRiO Olympiad, the Dallas Summer Musicals series, and Shakespeare in the Park. Past community service events have included: Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill Industries, Mission Arlington, and local retirement homes.

Summer Trip

Students who have successfully met all the requirements of the summer sessions are eligible to attend our summer trip. This trip, usually designed to tour out-of-state colleges, provides students with an opportunity to see the greater college landscape of the United States and experience the highlights of the chosen cities or areas. Previous trips have included Denver, Colorado, Orlando, Florida, and Memphis, Tennessee.

Non-Residential Component

Students not enrolled in the Summer Residential Program due to their attendance in a mandated summer school enrollment, dual credit, or summer training program are able to fulfill this requirement by completing the Alternative Summer Assignment (ASA) form. This assignment is designed to meet the needs of and provide guidance for self-motivated learners. There are two options available for completing the Alternate Summer Assignment.

Option 1

The student must verify they are enrolled in a summer academic program and provide verification on or before the first of July, provide the report card with the grades and credits earned and verification they’ve completed ten hours of documented community service.

Option 2

For those student not enrolled in a summer academic program, these students must participate in the Non-Residential Program held in August, provide verification they’ve completed ten hours of documented community service and attend College2 Career Conference held in June and the scheduled community service project held in August.

C.O.R.E Summer Training Bridge

The C.O.R.E. (Creating Opportunity for Rigor in Education) Summer Training Bridge, currently sponsored by the Upward Bound program, is a week-long intensive residential program available for those program students who have graduated from High School but are not attending the UTA Summer Bridge and are enrolling into college in the fall. The courses do not offer college credit. However, the program provides relevant challenges and practical applications that bring together a lifetime of acquired knowledge and skills to support their transition to college and promote persistence to college completion.

Individual Service Plan (ISP) 

A component of the Academic Progress Plan is the Individual Service Plan (ISP). The Individual Service Plan (ISP) is based on each student's academic needs.

Individual Service Plan

Benefits for ISP may include the following:

Study Skills

Decision making, time management, grooming for success, note-taking, critical thinking, stress management, and active reading.

Workshops / College Tours

Career development workshops and cultural & educational trips.

Content Area

Math, science, English, foreign language, history.

Self Awareness

Social, interpersonal, dependability, citizenship, maturity.

Self Discovery

Student profile, personal mission statement, college & career assessments.


Essays, resume, creative /technical writing, speeches.


Community service, research, ABC training, technology.



Academic Progress Plan (APP)

The APP serves to fulfill academic and career requirements by grade level. The Upward Bound Program will provide the following academic advisement services to participants in the effort of promoting high school graduation and increasing post-secondary education success. The APP will address the following content areas.

 Academic Advisement 

Planned Activities/Services  9th  10th  11th 12th
Academic Advising / ISP X X X X
Report Card Check  X X X X
HS Course Selection  X X X X
Transition HS   X       
Study & Test Taking Skills  X X X  
Standardized Test Information & Preparation   X  X X  
Referral to Tutoring Program  X X X X

 Career Awareness & Exploration

Planned Activities/Services 9th  10th  11th  12th
Career Information X  X  X
Career Field Trip X  X   X 
Job Preparation Skills     X  X 
Interest Inventory   X   X
Career Planning Profile/Portfolio     X  X 


College Awareness & Admission Assistance 

Planned Activities/Services 9th  10th 11th 12th

College Information

College Field Trip X X X X
College Fair X X X X
College Planning Profile/Portfolio     X X
PSAT/SAT/ACT Info/Preparation X X X X
PSAT/SAT/ACT Fee Waiver     X X
College Admissions Assistance       X
THEA Info/ Preparation       X

High School/College Concurrent Enrollment

    X X
College Adjustment Activity       X
Referral to SSS Project       X

 Financial Aid Awareness & Application Assistance

Financial Aid Information 9th 10th 11th 12th
FAFSA Workshop     X X
FAFSA Assistance       X
Scholarship Information     X X