Student Testimonials

Hear what past and current students have to say about being part of Upward Bound!
Vicentia G.

Vicentia G. | Class of '23

“Upward Bound has projected me to realize my potential. Entering the program, I was not thinking of what I’d have liked to do with my life; I wasn’t even sure where to start in the process for college. But, with their guidance, I could begin my process early, which relieved so much stress from my senior year. The Upward Bound Advisors are committed to ensuring students are set for success; the program gives us the tools needed to be on track, students! ––– My grades were visibly higher after just four months of participating with Upward Bound. As someone from a disadvantaged background, this gave me hope again that I could reach the sky and the stars.”

Chishom A.

Chisom A. | Class of '21

“Through UB, I was able to understand that success was within my reach, regardless of the initial boundaries I may face. Being in an educational environment that uplifted me and my peers grew our confidence and instilled in us that just because things may be hard, does not mean that they are impossible.”

Jayden M.

Jayden M. | Class of '24

“This summer was fun; I loved the college dorm experience. I also loved the college fair and learned a lot of good resources from it. This program provided a new way of thinking about life and how I should live it to create from what I consume.”

Shamaria P.

Shamaria P. | Class of '21

“In high school I joined Upward Bound as a sophomore all the way to my senior year. The program gave me so much insight on what college will be, what I will gain from it, and especially how to get through college as a first time generation college student. It was also very helpful and beneficial through high school as well tutoring sessions always helped me get ahead on homework and also I had help with any subject when needed. I can genuinely say that Upward Bound pushed me more than anything to start my journey at a 4 year university college it willed me and prepared me for everything that came with attending a college university. I love Upward Bound and I am so glad I decided to join because now I’m working on my Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice and I couldn’t be more happier with my decision. Thank you Upward Bound!”