Current Students

Upward Bound provides its participants with a wide range of free services aimed at improving their academic skills and their motivation and determination to pursue post-secondary education.

Program Expectations

Remain active until you graduate HS by

1. Attending program and events regularly
2. Submitting required documented when needed
3. Maintain good grades and taking rigorous courses
4. Meet with Education Advisor regularly
5. Respect other program participants and staff

Meet your Educational Advisor!

What is an Educational Advisor?

Your Educational Advisor is your mentor and advocate! You will be designated an Educational Advisor who will be touching base with you to ensure you are doing well academically and helping you prep to be college bound. They have the following goals in mind:

1. Raise and maintain your GPA above the 2.5 minimum standard for college admissions.
2. Assist you with achieving test scores on standardized tests that will ensure your success in college.
3. Ensuring you graduate high school with above average performance, and AP/IB or advancing coursework.
4. Encouraging and assisting you to be “college ready” to attend a four-year institution!
5. Mentoring you by offering support to ensure you graduate from college within six years and achieve a bachelor’s degree.

Educational Advisor based on Schools

UB I Advisor I
UB I Advisor II UB II Advisor I UB II Coordinator
 Grand Prairie HS
 Sam Houston HS
 Summit HS
 James Bowie HS
 Grand Prairie Fine Arts
   Timberview HS
 Lamar HS
 Dubiski HS
   South Grand Prairie HS
     Arlington HS
     Juan Seguin HS


23-24 UB Academic Year

Community Service

UB Participants must complete 5 hours of documented volunteer and/or community service per month. All volunteer and community service hours completed for the semester should be entered in the log provided. Volunteer sponsors are asked to sign the participant’s form each month as verification. The form is then reviewed by the students’ Educational Advisor at the end of each month.

Point System

Upward Bound will allot points for a student’s success. Earned points will allow students to be eligible for travel opportunities, certain privileges, and awards. Program Staff can, at any time, award points but can also take away points if students are not meeting the standard as dedicated in the Student Handbook.

The following points will be needed for travel and participation:

1. 600 Points needed to attend Spring Break Trip

2. 800 Points needed to attend Summer Program

3. 1000 Points needed to attend Summer Bridge Program

4. 350 Points needed to attend small out of town college trips

5. 100 Points needed to attend college trips in DFW

6. 200 Points needed to participate in extracurricular trips such as basketball games

UB Participants at a workshop.

Student Advisory Council

The UTA Upward Bound Student Advisory Council (SAC) is an advisory body through which eligible, student-voted Upward Bound students may make recommendations to the program Director relative to interests, concerns, and issues that affect the students of the UTA Upward Bound program.

The Council may advise on specific issues and otherwise act at the requests of the Director. The Council shall endeavor to keep the Upward Bound students informed and in turn keep the Director and administrative staff advised of the needs and interests of the students on issues and activities affecting them.

Interested in joining SAC? Reach out to your Educational Advisor for more information on how to be selected!

UB Participant at C2C Conference

Upward Bound Seniors

College Checklist

  1. Apply for Admissions
  2. Submit your Financial Aid Application
  3. Apply for Scholarships
  4. Visit Preview Days for your choice colleges
  5. Accept Financial Aid Offer and Admissions
  6. Notify the colleges you will not be attending