The UTA Upward Bound Math & Science Center realize that your support is essential in making the program successful for your student to achieve their goals of completing a post-secondary degree in math & science. Your participation in the program will enable you to support your child in realizing their potential. We have provided resources and information on this page to assist you.

Our Mission

Prepare students with special interests and talents in mathematics or science for admission into post-secondary education and for potential careers in the fields of mathematics, science, and/or engineering. Learn more about our program.


All Upward Bound Math & Science (UBMS) students and their parents/guardians should be aware that the right to participate in UBMS is a privilege that must be earned on a continuing basis. Students are expected to have a strong commitment to academic excellence in all subject areas.

1. Actively participate in both the Academic Year and Summer Residential Institute for the remainder of their high school education.
2. Take high school courses that will prepare you for college.
3. Attend scheduled activities.
4. Complete monthly activities as assigned.
5. Know and follow the policies and expectations as set forth by UTA and UBMS
6. Behave in ways that do not interfere with the learning of others, do not disrupt the educational process, and do not reflect negatively on the university or the UBMS community.
7. Respect the rights of every student, teacher, UBMS staff, and university employee.
8. Enroll in a college or university upon completion of high school.