TRiO participants including their families, stay connected with Upward Bound as alumni or active in the Parents Association.

Alumni Association

TRiO participants become members of the Alumni Association upon their graduation from High School. Maintaining a connection with the program provides each student with a valuable resource for both the transition to college and beyond college completion. The UTA Alumni Association holds activities and events each semester to provide ways to connect to these resources.

The TRiO staff welcomes all TRiO participants on campus to stop in and visit with them on the 7th floor of Carlisle Hall.

To re-connect on the internet please provide us with your contact information or join us on Facebook or contact us.

Community & Connection

Parents Association

As a member of the Parents' Association, our mission is to give support to ensure the success of the Upward Bound Program and its students and families. We commit ourselves to uphold the policies, rules, and regulations of the program. We will further promote and support the program's cultural enrichment, tutorial component, counseling, and other aspects. Our goal is to provide ongoing support for the Upward Bound students.

Parent Association Objectives

1. Establishment of a scholarship fund, which will be labeled Parents' Association Scholarship Fund.

2. Give a scholarship to at least one graduating senior.

3. Assist with field trips and other activities.

The association officers will be chosen regularly unless more than one person volunteers for a particular office, and an election will be held. The term of office for all officers: The President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer, will be one year, from September 1st to August 31st.

Family posing in front the Life Science building
Student stand in front of a spirit horse on UTA campus.

Student Advisory Council

The UTA Upward Bound Student Advisory Council (SAC) is an advisory body through which eligible Upward Bound Council members may make recommendations to the program Director relative to interests, concerns, and issues that affect the students of the UTA Upward Bound program.

The Council may make recommendations on general grievance policies but does not act on individual grievance issues. The Council may advise on specific issues and otherwise act at the requests of the Director. The Council shall endeavor to keep the Upward Bound students informed and in turn keep the Director and administrative staff advised of the needs and interests of the students on issues and activities affecting them.