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The field of advertising is exciting and ever-changing. UTA's Advertising major prepares students for all aspects of the advertising business, both in traditional and digital practices.

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The field of broadcasting is exciting and ever-changing. UT-Arlington's Broadcasting major prepares students for all aspects of the business.

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Communication Studies

The Communication Studies major offers two paths. One provides an in-depth study of Speech Communication the the second focuses on the study of Organizational Communication.

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Communication Technology

UTA's Communication Technology major prepares students to design and utilize the latest communication technology for the modern web, such as responsive/mobile-first web design, interface design, interactive multimedia creation, web applications and internet marketing.

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The recent decade has seen a rapid change in the world of journalism. UTA journalism faculty teach students how to navigate this ever-evolving profession while reminding them of journalism’s key role in a democratic society. Students learn traditional writing and reporting along with the latest tools used in the industry. From using Twitter and other social media, to building websites and using data visualization skills, students will learn about the latest tools used in the industry.



UTA's Philanthropy program prepares students to raise awareness, supporters, and funds for various causes in communities. A degree in philanthropy prepares you to lead and serve in your community to act and advocate for change.

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Public Relations

UTA's Public Relations major combines theoretical and practical education to prepare students to work in the PR industry. PR practitioners can choose to work in a major corporation, a trade group, a health organization, an consulting firm, the government, or a nonprofit, religious or educational organization. Coursework in PR uses a "hands-on" approach to develop skills and insight.

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Digital Media Certificate

The Digital Media Certificate is only available to majors in Advertising, Broadcast, Communication Studies, Communication Technology, Journalism, Philanthropy, and Public Relations. By completing the Digital Media Certificate Program, you will learn to create multimedia digital deliverables apply strategical communication principles and techniques.