Public Relations Major

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Speak Out!

In today's media crazy marketplace, where every misstep of an individual or company is tweeted, posted and instantaneously available to the world via the Internet, Public Relations practitioners are often the most important and visible faces of their corporations and organizations. UT-Arlington's Public Relations (PR) major prepares students to speak out in this often chaotic and exciting area.

What Can You Do With A Public Relations Degree?

  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Communications Planner
  • Social Media Marketing Specialist
  • Event Coordinator

Courses In The Major

Foundational Courses

  • COMM 2311 - Writing for Mass Media
  • COMM 3315 - Communication Theory
  • COMM 3300 - Communication Technology
  • COMM 3310 - Communication Law and Ethics
  • ADVT 2337 - Introduction to Advertising
  • PREL 2338 - Introduction to Public Relations

Select Advanced Courses

  • PREL 3303 - PR Methods
  • PREL 3305 - PR Management
  • PREL 4300 - PR Case Studies
  • PREL 4316 - PR Campaigns

You can find the official link to all Communication and Public Relations courses in the University Catalog.


Internships and Opportunities

We encourage all eligible students to do an internship while a Public Relations student.

Public Relations Coordinator

Dr. Tom Christie, PhD

Public Relations Sequence Coordinator

Graduate Studies Coordinator and Advisor

Professor, Public Relations

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