Advertising Major

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Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Mad Man?

Smart Phones. Magazines. Newspapers. Outdoor Boards. Television. Radio. Direct Mail. The Internet. Tablets. Advertising is all around us everyday. It is an integral part of the economy. In the Advertising sequence students learn the art of persuasion.

Advertising Highlights

Advertising Campaign

This year, Advertising campaign students with the The Greater Arlington Chamber of Commerce and their Buy Local Campaign.

The result of this collaboration were 2 internships and a career position for our Advertising students. 

Student Internships and Job Placement

Our students were able to land jobs and internships with several notable agencies and institutions, including:

  • Balcom
  • Bell Flight
  • City of Grand Prairie
  • National Medal of Honor Museum
  • Schaefer
  • Pavlov

National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC)

In April, student members of the American Advertising Federation (AAF) creating and presenting a strategic marketing campaign plan for Indeed.

What Can You Do With An Advertising Degree?

  • Media Buying and Placing
  • Advertising Sales
  • Account Executive
  • Marketing Research
  • Creative Advertising Design

Courses In The Major

Foundational Courses

  • COMM 2311 - Writing for Mass Media
  • COMM 3315 - Communication Theory
  • COMM 3300 - Communication Technology
  • COMM 3310 - Communication Law and Ethics
  • ADVT 2337 - Introduction to Advertising
  • PREL 2338 - Introduction to Public Relations

Advanced Courses

  • COMM 3303 - Communication Graphics
  • ADVT 3305 - Advertising Media
  • ADVT 3304 - Strategic Communication I (Creative & Copy)
  • ADVT 3306 - Strategic Communication II (Creative Visual Communication)
  • ADVT 4300 - Digital Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Management
  • ADVT 4301 - Advertising and IMC Campaigns

You can find the official link to all Communication and Advertising courses in the University Catalog.

Internships and Opportunities

We encourage all eligible students to do an internship while an Advertising student. Upon reaching upper division status, our students have interned at ad agencies, radio stations, and graphic design firms.

Advertising Coordinator

Dr. Tom Ingram

Advertising Sequence Coordinator

Associate Professor

Associate Chair

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