Digital Media Certificate

The Digital Media Certificate is only available to majors in Advertising, Broadcast, Communication Studies, Communication Technology, Journalism, Philanthropy, and Public Relations.

Required Courses

By completing the Digital Media Certificate Program, you will learn to create multimedia digital deliverables apply strategical communication principles and techniques. To earn the certificate, you must complete 4 of the following classes:


Course covers the practice of results-oriented creative advertising and design, including both visual and copy concepts through digital execution with an emphasis on strategic development. The course also focuses on advanced applications of digital software to design and communicate targeted messages utilizing communication theory and practice. Prerequisite: COMM 3303.

BCMN 2370 – Multimedia Production

Audio and video production for non-broadcast majors in the Department of Communication. May not be substituted for BCMN 2357 or 2358.

COMM 3303 – Communication Graphics

History, current practice, principles and trends in typography, imaging, pre-press and production, sheet finishing, bindery, paper and ink, logo design, advertising layout, publication design, and computer layout, design, and publishing.

CTEC 2350 – Web Communication Design and Development I

Students will investigate the design, implementation, and use of communication technology and explore relevant sociological and psychological issues. Course will also provide an introduction to theoretical and conceptual frameworks related to the growing field of computer-mediated communication and human-computer interaction. Previously offered as COMM 2350; credit will not be granted for both.


Application of contemporary communication theories to examine how meaning is constructed, interpreted and produced through multiple communication modalities. Students are expected to complete a theoretically informed, personal portfolio and accumulate skills in digital workflows, graphic creation and manipulation, audio-video editing, storyboarding, and compositing. Prerequisite: COMM 3303.


Use of data management skills and software to report stories, using journalistic principles and writing style as well as visualization. Prerequisite: JOUR 2346 with a C or better.


Creating multimedia packages in news, illustrative, and narrative formats. Conducting social media journalism. Readings in newsroom practices, law, and ethics of digital communication. Prerequisites: COMM 3315, and a grade of C (2.0/4.0) or better in JOUR 2340 and JOUR 2346.

PREL 3320 – Strategic Social Media Communication

Writing for social media, audience analysis, understanding the unique attributes of various platforms and communicating ethically and effectively across those platforms. Prerequisite: COMM 3300