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Direct Deposit

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Signing up is easy.

UT Arlington recommends Direct Deposit for students and employees. Direct Deposit is the most secure, reliable and convenient method for receiving your money.

UT Arlington Students PDF Icon to download direct deposit form

With an active MyMav Account, students can have Direct Deposit for Financial Aid Refunds and for other credits in their account. Credits can be created whenever charges are less than monies paid by the student.

Students can apply for Direct Deposit at their Student Service Center in My Mav.

Former students who no longer have access to MyMav and/or parents who receive Parent Plus loans may also apply in person at Student Accounts by completing a Direct Deposit Form and presenting a voided check.

  • 701 S Nedderman Dr, Room 130, 1st floor, University Administration Building.

Allow approximately 5 business days before the expectation of a refund to set up Direct Deposit or to change bank accounts. Any changes in information will be made on the same form. For more information call Student Accounts at (817) 272-2172.

UT Arlington Employees

To enroll in Direct Deposit, a Check Distribution (Form 1-2) must be completed, signed and submitted to Payroll Services. For each account requested, a voided check or bank verification document with account number and routing number must be attached to the form for the request to be processed.

Employees may choose to split their net pay into multiple accounts (max of 3). They may choose to designate a specific amount for each account or they may designate a percentage to each account. One account must be designated as the balance account. After the designated amounts or percentages are distributed to each account, the final balance of their net pay will go to the balance account. Only one account can be selected as the balance account.

Earnings statements are available online through UT Share Employee Self Service.

Other Direct Deposits

Army ROTC Direct Deposit information is available through Department of Military Science.

Reviewed/Revised: 07/18/2019

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