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Bachelor of Social Work Program

Becoming a BSW Major

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We are accepting applications for Spring, Summer and Fall 2019

A social work undergraduate degree requires 120 hours of study. For the Bachelor of Social Work (BSW), students complete the UTA Core (that satisfies the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board-approved core curriculum requirements), the Social Work Curriculum and may take a number of general electives or select a certificate or Minor Program of study. The following are the steps to becoming a BSW major:

  1. Apply to and be accepted to the University of Texas at Arlington. Visit the UTA Admission page.
  2. Once a UTA student, declare BSW as intended major with a UTA academic advisor.
  3. Complete the 42 hours of UTA Core Curriculum (Satisfies Texas Core Requirements).
  4. As a BSW-Intended Major (BSW-INT) you must complete the following requirements prior to becoming an official BSW Major:
    • Earn a "C" or better in the following courses:
      • Introduction to Social Work (SOCW 2311/SOCW 2361)
      • Social Work Practice I (SOCW 2313)
      • Human Behavior and Diverse Populations (SOCW 3307)
      • For students selecting Social Work as their intended major in Fall of 2018 or thereafter, SOCW 1331 (Transfer Students) or UNIV 1131 and SOCW 1231 (Freshman Students)
    • Have a 2.5 or better overall GPA
    • Complete a Statistics course (e.g., MATH 1308, SOCW 2325)
  5. Once you have completed the above requirements, you may cue the transition from BSW-Intended to BSW Major by submitting the BSW Major Form.

Attending an Undergraduate Admissions Information Session provides you with a unique opportunity to meet with representatives from the School of Social Work and discuss the BSW program, career options, application process, and academic requirements.

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