Hayden Roney

I chose UTA because I wanted a school that was new and exciting. I loved the campus when I visited and the faculty and staff were just beaming with excitement. It just had the right energy I wanted out of a college.

The UTSI was such an amazing experience. I had a very strong relationship with the professor who I did the SI sessions for and he was one of the most influential professor’s on the campus for me. He really wanted people to succeed and I wanted to give that same sense of wonder and acceptance to anyone who came to my sessions. I spent many hours preparing activities, listening to student’s to find our where they were lacking in the subject matter, and then creating activities to cater to those needs. I wanted them to see not just the process of how to be taught, but how to learn. I kept in contact with over 20 of the people who came through my sessions to see how well they were doing in their studies because their success was my happiness.

I love seeing people get an idea and have that Eureka-moment. And the UTSI opportunity helped me feel like I was helping student’s who needed it most.