Matthew McCurdy

McCurdy initially wanted to be a police officer, but became interested in a legal career instead.

“I signed up for a mock trial in high school and caught the bug,” said McCurdy, who will continue with law school after completing his degree in criminology in May 2020.

TRIO—which includes the programs of Upward Bound, Talent Search and Student Support Services—has been McCurdy’s go-to resource for help.

“TRIO offered more than help with my academics,” McCurdy said. “It was a safe place to go. It helped me socially because it became a place where I could go to talk to a specialist or a fellow student who was experiencing the same things I was experiencing.”

Purgason says an increased emphasis on data analytics and UTA’s friendly, welcoming atmosphere are making measurable impacts on UTA’s students, about 10,000 of whom now live on or adjacent to campus.

“Student success is everyone’s job,” she said. “There’s a real understanding of what’s needed to breed, nurture and sustain success.”