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Creative, interdisciplinary approaches to address the challenges of a complex, global society.
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About Us

The College of Liberal Arts (CoLA) is an intellectually diverse college within our diverse university. The college includes departments that represent the fine and performing arts, humanities, and social sciences. CoLA faculty and students pursue creative activity and scholarship that is on the cutting edge of disciplines from theatre arts to philosophy, from criminology to sociology, and more.

CoLA students choose tried and true academic paths, as well as explore interdisciplinary minors and certificates in areas like technical writing, forensic science, disability studies, and medical humanities. In each area of study, our students work closely with world-class faculty to learn transferrable skills, industry culture, and professionalism.

Our college emphasizes student engagement through study abroad, internships, and service learning. CoLA students from UTA can be found within larger communities, serving as medical interpreters and poll officials, music teachers, and legal volunteers. Our students go on to succeed within countless workplaces and professions that require teamwork, problem-solving, creativity, research aptitude, and adaptability.

Why Choose Liberal Arts at UTA? 

The College of Liberal Arts (CoLA) at the University of Texas at Arlington is a place where excellence is the foundation of everything we do. Our faculty are experts in their fields, celebrated for their scholarship and creative work. This excellence drives engaging and meaningful academic programs. Our renowned faculty are also thought leaders and they provide cogent media commentary to enrich public understanding of the important topics of the day. 


We value and invest in our students, providing an environment where they will thrive and develop their own leadership skills. We care deeply about our students from their first moments as Mavericks to life beyond commencement. We carefully structure their educational experience to prepare them for careers and for an enriched life. We celebrate their successes and those of our faculty and staff. 


Our programs make a difference in students’ lives, and they go on to make an impact on their world. Faculty research is driven by real problems facing humanity and we engage with people and organizations to find solutions. 


We are a reliable source of knowledge and discovery. Our work informs decision makers in areas as varied as public policy, non-profit leadership, communication, activism, and the arts. 


Our writers, artists, and performers are driven to be innovative, and their imagination and energy inspire the next generation of creatives. 


From our people to the reach of our scholarship and creativity, we represent all points on the globe. Moreover, we understand the complexities and challenges of global politics, cultures, societies, and peoples. 


With an education in liberal arts, students will develop the following skills:

Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving

Foster inquiry into the attitudes and ideas that shape contemporary society. These skills facilitate bold ideas, challenge conventional thought, and reveal the process of finding solutions to complex issues.

Comprehension, Interpretation, and Analysis

Create deep thought of written, oral, and visual material. Once mastered, students demonstrate a high level of cognitive ability.

Leadership, Teamwork, and Effective Communication

Promote work habits and character traits commonly associated with 21st century skills.

Technological and Digital Tools

Enrich tremendous knowledge in social/media, the Internet, computer programming, computer hardware and software, applications (apps), and future technologies.

Research and Professional Expertise

Highlight scientific, social science, and humanities literacy and reasoning and advance disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge.


CoLA departments and centers cluster into the social sciences, humanities, and fine arts. They are comprised of highly skilled faculty and students who are dedicated to elevating the human condition through research, scholarship, and creative activity. Throughout the college, we cultivate the following values and skills:


Local Engagement and Global Thinking. Foster a community-based understanding at UTA, in DFW, throughout the state, and on a global level. This capacity encourages students to act locally while being globally conscious.

Creativity and Innovation. Ensure students are engaging and cultivating various pursuits in entrepreneurship and artistic expression.

Inclusiveness and Diversity. Encourage an environment that is open to diverse backgrounds, ideas, and ways of thinking. Teaching respect, empathy, and tolerance for all people and cultures develop thoughtful, well-rounded students and citizens.

Community and Collaboration. Provide students with the ability to examine their place and space in the world. Cultivating partnerships and collaborative efforts produce an impact on society and help students in an increasingly global, ever-changing world and workplace.

Curiosity and Imagination. Speak to allowing the brain to roam free, question unexpectedly, think divergently instead of conversely, and not be afraid to express one’s self and ideas.



Number of departments in CoLA


Graduate degrees including the M.F.A and Ph.D. programs in English, transatlantic history, and linguistics


Current graduate students in 13 programs


Ph.D. students in 3 programs


Full time undergraduate students receiving need-based financial support


Awarded in research and travel opportunities


Average need-based scholarship or grant award

$1.1 Million

Amount awarded in 2019-2020 in scholarships and fellowships


Number of tenure track faculty

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