About CoLA

Creative, interdisciplinary approaches to address the challenges of a complex, global society.

Elevating the human condition

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With an education in liberal arts, students will develop the following skills:

Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving

Foster inquiry into the attitudes and ideas that shape contemporary society. These skills facilitate bold ideas, challenge conventional thought, and reveal the process of finding solutions to complex issues.

Comprehension, Interpretation, and Analysis

Create deep thought of written, oral, and visual material. Once mastered, students demonstrate a high level of cognitive ability.

Leadership, Teamwork, and Effective Communication

Promote work habits and character traits commonly associated with 21st century skills.

Technological and Digital Tools

Enrich tremendous knowledge in social/media, the Internet, computer programming, computer hardware and software, applications (apps), and future technologies.

Research and Professional Expertise

Highlight scientific, social science, and humanities literacy and reasoning and advance disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge.

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COLA departments and centers cluster into the social sciences, humanities, and fine arts. They are comprised of highly skilled faculty and students who are dedicated to elevating the human condition through research, scholarship, and creative activity. Throughout the college, we cultivate the following values and skills.


Local Engagement and Global Thinking. Foster a community-based understanding at UTA, in DFW, throughout the state, and on a global level. This capacity encourages students to act locally while being globally conscious.

Creativity and Innovation. Ensure students are engaging and cultivating various pursuits in entrepreneurship and artistic expression.

Inclusiveness and Diversity. Encourage an environment that is open to diverse backgrounds, ideas, and ways of thinking. Teaching respect, empathy, and tolerance for all people and cultures develop thoughtful, well-rounded students and citizens.

Community and Collaboration. Provide students with the ability to examine their place and space in the world. Cultivating partnerships and collaborative efforts produce an impact on society and help students in an increasingly global, ever-changing world and workplace.

Curiosity and Imagination. Speak to allowing the brain to roam free, question unexpectedly, think divergently instead of conversely, and not be afraid to express one’s self and ideas.