Degree Alternatives

UTA Major Alternative Suggestions within The College of Liberal Arts

Students often come into UTA with a major chosen and it does not always work out. Whether it is not the right fit, or they are struggling with specific classes (such as math), they come to an advisor seeking alternate options. Below is a list of alternative majors that you can suggest to students looking for an option that harnesses their strengths while pursuing their passions.

Architecture --> Art (Visual Communication Design)


Maybe the student is interested in the Creative Design Aspects of the program but lacking the math skills that are required in The College of Architecture. Suggesting Art or Visual Communication Design can be a great option, especially for those that are creative and have skills such as drawing.

Business --> Advertising


The Department of Communication is a diverse department that gives students the skills to go into various industries. Often students interested in Marketing don’t realize how Numbers/Math heavy the degree is. When asked what they want to do as a career they usually feel they are creative and interested in branding and advertising. If a student is interested in Marketing but is much better with words than they are with numbers, encourage them to research Advertising or even Public Relations rather than Marketing.

Business --> Communication


Other transitions that may make sense for business students include the following:

Management or Human Resources or Communication Studies

Communication Studies is a diverse major that allows students to pursue various professions. Human Resources is a common path for those in the Communication Studies major.

Computer Science --> Communication Technology


Computer Science is housed in the College of Engineering, it is a very rigorous, science and math intensive program, and it has its challenges. When you come across students who really want to be well versed in technology and computer systems but can’t keep up with the college of Engineering, encourage them to research the Communication Technology program. They will have the skills to work with programs and understand things such as HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, User Experience, UI/UX, PHP, SQL, Design Thinking, SEO and CMS.

Nursing or Kinesiology --> Disability Studies Minor / Medical Humanities Certificate


While the College of Liberal Arts cannot help students pursue a career substitute for nursing, that doesn’t mean we don’t offer great minors and certificate programs for those interested in working in the healthcare field, even if they are not admitted to the nursing program. Of course, nurses and doctors are essential, but we also need people to advocate for patient rights and to staff disability services. Healthcare administration is another great way to stay within the healthcare field without the medical background.

Forensic Biology --> Criminology & Criminal Justice / Forensic Science Minor


Forensic Science has seen a growing interest over the past few years and it is great that UTA has several options for students with interests in the field. A lot of student’s express interest in studying forensics but it is important that they understand what each degree plan offers. For those who love science and want to study forensic evidence in a lab as a career then biology is the way to go! For others who struggle with science and would prefer to be studying and collecting evidence straight from a crime scene then they should be studying Criminology and Criminal Justice!

The Forensic Science minor within CRCJ is a great fit for both CRCJ students and Biology students.