Masters Degrees and Certificates

Whether you're holding a freshly minted undergraduate degree or already claim years of professional experience, you're ready to take your knowledge to the next level. The high-quality education and hands-on research you acquire at the College of Liberal Arts will provide you an edge on the competition in your field. Get world-class learning with real-world results and achieve your academic and professional dreams at UT Arlington.

PhD and MFA

Graduate Studies in the College of Liberal Arts offers programs leading to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Every program offers students a rich set of opportunities that stimulates intellectual and professional growth. Please visit and of the following programs for specific information and offerings.

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The College of Liberal Arts offers a wide variety of research, travel, fellowship, and dissertation funding for deserving students. Typically, these awards are designed to encourage research or creative activity that leads to the completion of your graduate degree. A limited number of Graduate Teaching & Research Assistantships are awarded by most departments. You are encouraged to visit with faculty on availability and requirements of departmental assistantships during the application process.


Amount: Up to $500 domestic/$1,000 international plus non-travel expenses Eligibility: Applicants must be enrolled full-time in a thesis, dissertation, portfolio, or performance graduate program in the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Texas at Arlington. Students who travel in the summer must be enrolled full-time in the preceding spring semester. Doctoral students who have only dissertation hours remaining may enroll in a minimum of 3 hours. Applicants must be in good academic standing; students on academic probation are not eligible. This award will not cover costs associated with conference presentations. Requirements: See Call for Applications for more information.

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ll newly admitted Ph.D. students in liberal arts (English, History, and Linguistics) are considered for a variety of Graduate Teaching and Research Assistantships. These assistantships provide tuition assistance up to 85% and competitive stipends for up to 5 years. Please talk with the program's Ph.D. advisor for further information.

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Alternative Careers

Graduate students should invest serious consideration into the employment opportunities that exist post-graduation well before earning their degree. The College of Liberal Arts wants to see its graduate students find success, and COLA would like to begin the conversation about finding alternative academic careers. While graduate students often face unique experiences, it is necessary that they become aware of available careers both on and off the tenure-track. Students across disciplines, and especially in the liberal arts, continue to see tenure-track jobs as the golden ticket in terms of employment, even though the state of the job market shows that such an outcome is no longer a possibility for most PhDs.

Global Fellowship

A component of the Festival of Ideas/Global Research Program, the Fellows Program is made possible thanks to the generosity of Mr. Mustaque Ahmed whose commitment to furthering global understanding led him to support this opportunity.

Past Recipients
 Year  Name  Department  Work
 2015  Laura Garcia  Art & Art History  “Church Reliquaries as an Influence to Create Visual Narrative”
 2015  Joshua Dry  Art & Art History  “Historical Practices of Photography with Emphasis on Identity in an International Context”
 2015  Cor Fahringer  Art & Art History  “Cultural and Religious Influences on Medieval Art and Architecture”
 2014  Rufki Salihi  History  “Post-Communist Albanian Emigration”
 2014  Nicole Leopoldie  History  “Transnational Families Integrating Their children into France’s National Educational System”
 2014  Nathan Kogan  History  “Quaker Humanitarianism in Legitimizing Disability Treatment in the mid 17th Century”
 2014  Kent Rasmussen  Linguistics & TESOL  “Phonological Analysis of Languages in the Democratic Republic of the Congo Contributions to Health Literacy”
 2014  Emily Nicastro  Art & Art History  "Using Digital Media to Overcome the Immigration's Impact on the Emerging Canadian-Born Chinese"
 2014  Bethany Yardy  English  “Small Regional Publications Contributions to a 1960s Native Literary Renaissance”
 2013  Rufki Salihi  History  “Post-Communist Albanian Emigration”
 2013  Rod Sachs  English  "Decolonial Theory and Chaucerian Literature"
 2013  MyLynka Kilgore-Cardona  History  “The Influences of Alexandrine Tinne's Transatlantic Afterlife upon Nineteenth-Century European Colonization of Africa”
 2013  Gladys Chow  History  "Using Digital Media to Overcome the Immigration's Impact on the Emerging Canadian-Born Chinese"
 2013  Bryan Garrett  History  "Arab-American Transatlantic Migration Networks"
 2012  Vitaly Voinov  Linguistics  "Unstudied Semantic Aspects of the Tuvan Language"
 2012  Isabelle Rispler  History  "The German Diaspora in Nimibia and Argentina around 1900: Immigration or Settler Colonialism"
 2012  Bryan Garrett  History  "Arab-American Transatlantic Migration Networks"