The College of Liberal Arts welcomes transfer students from community colleges and 4-year universities. In fact, about 60% of our population is made up of transfer students.
student visiting booths at a campus event

Transfer orientation

New Maverick Orientation has three different types of orientation programs to fit the unique needs of our new transfer students. Transfer orientation is mandatory for all transfer students regardless of the number of credits being transferred.

Transfer Guides

These guides assist students in mapping out their possible degree plans. Students should speak with their respective UTA academic advisors if they intend to transfer to UTA.

Transfer Information

Many students assume that it is best to transfer after completing an Associate's Degree. However, there may be courses that can only be taken at UTA that are prerequisites for advanced courses in the major. If a student does not complete this course at the right time, there may not be many courses that can be taken that will apply toward the degree. You may look at the suggested course sequence in the DCCC and CCC degree plans included above. Please be aware that you may use up to 72 academic hours and 4 exercise hours from a community college toward your degree in the UTA College of Liberal Arts. The State of Texas requires all graduate of a Texas Public higher education institution to complete courses in specified areas. If you have completed the core at your original institution, and this is noted on your transcript, UTA will not require you to complete any further core requirements. This does not apply to any out of state institutions. We will accept out of state courses that satisfy our core requirements and apply them to our core. Please contact your advisor if you have any questions regarding transferring to UTA.