Teaching Awards

Teaching Awards

 Year  Name  Department
 2023  LaDonna Aiken  Communication
 2023  Grace Brannon  Communication
 2023  Karishma Chatterjee  Communication
 2022  Grace Brannon  Communication
 2022  Karen Kenaston-French  Music
 2022  Mary Vaccaro   Art & Art History
 2021  Grace Brannon  Communication
 2021  Britni Cheyenne Cruz  Music
 2021  Molly Cummin  Communication
 2021  Chyng-yang Jang   Communication
 2021  Jamar Jones  Music
 2021  Carlos Don Juan  Art & Art History
 2021  Lance Liguez  Communication
 2021  Leah McCurdy  Art & Art History
 2021  Yana Payusova  Art & Art History
 2021  Charlie Travis  History
 2021  Jack Unzicker  Music
 2020  Lisa Graham  Art & Art History
 2020  Teresa Sanchez  Music

 Year  Name  Department
 2023  Andrew Clark  Communication
 2023  Debra DeWitte  Art & Art History
 2023  Cindy Kilpatrick  Linguistics and TESOL
 2022  Peggy Semingson  Linguistics and TESOL
 2021  Sergio Espinosa  Music
 2020  Cindy Kilpatrick  Linguistics and TESOL
 2016  Kim Breuer
 2015  Catherine Ortiz
 Modern Languages

 Year  Name  Department
 2023  Geoffrey Campbell  Communication
 2022  Karishma Chatterjee  Communication
 2022  Patricia Eddings  Criminology and Criminal Justice
 2022  Roby McEuen  Communication
 2021  Felicia Bertch  Theatre Arts & Dance
 2021  Barbara Berthold  Modern Languages
 2020  LaDonna Aiken  Communication

 Year  Name  Department
 2023  James Sandy  History
 2021  Andrew Eldridge  Music
 2020  Kelly Bergstrand  Sociology and Anthropology
 2020  Lisa Graham  Art & Art History
 2020  Shelley Wigley  Communication

 Year  Name  Department
 2023  Timothy Ishii  Music
 2022  Clifton Evans  Music
 2022  Mónica de la Fuente Iglesias   Modern Languages
 2022  Megan Sarno  Music
 2021  Stephanie Cole  History
 2021  Martha Walvoord  Music

 Year  Name  Department
 2023  Naomi Cleghorn  Sociology and Anthropology
 2023  Paul Conrad  History
 2023  Chris Morris  History
 2022  Karen Kenaston-French  Music
 2022  Ashley Lemke  Sociology and Anthropology
 2022  Jack Unzicker  Music
 2022  Naoko Witzel  Linguistics and TESOL
 2022  Erin Murrah-Mandril  English
 2021  Brent Boyea   Political Science
 2021  Shelley Smith  Sociology and Anthropology
 2021  Jeff Witzel  Linguistics and TESOL
 2020  Patrick Babiracki  History
 2020  Jinny Choi  Modern Languages
 2020  Sedrick Huckaby  Art & Art History
 2020  Tom Marshall  Political Science
 2019  Amanda Alexander  Art & Art History
 2019  Sam Haynes  History
 2019  David LeFevor  History
 2019  Tim Ishi  Music
 2019  Kenyon Zimmer  History
 2017  Patryk Babiracki  History
 2017  Naomi Cleghorn  Sociology and Anthropology
 2017  John Garrigus   History
 2017  Desiree Henderson  English
 2016  Penny Ingram   English
 2016  Dwain Ya'Ke Smith  Art & Art History
 2015  Sonia Mahoney  Modern Languages
 2014  Ray Elliott  Modern Languages
 2014  Sam Haynes  History
 2014  Tom Marshall  Political Science
 2014  Martha Walvoord  Music
 2013  Stacy Alaimo  English
 2013  Susan Hekman  Political Science
 2013  Aimee Israel-Pelletier  Modern Languages
 2013  Nancy Palmeri  Art & Art History
 2013  Mary Vaccaro  Art & Art History
 2012  Dan Cavanaghh  Music
 2012  Charles Chiasson  Philosophy and Humanities
 2012  Chris Conway  Modern Languages
 2012  Cedrick May  English
 2011  Jinny Choi  Modern Languages
 2011  Joyce Goldberg  History
 2011  Soo Hong Kim  Music
 2010  Heather Jacobson  Sociology and Anthropology
 2010  Ritu Khanduri  Sociology and Anthropology
 2010  Diange Lange   Music
 2010  Stephen Maizlish  History
 2010  Brent Sasley  Political Science
 2010  Laurel Stvan  Linguistics and TESOL
 2009  Ken Roemer  English
 2009  Amy Tigner   English
 2009  Michael Varner  Music


 Year  Name  Department
 2020  Ritu Khanduri  Sociology and Anthropology

 Year Inducted  Name  Department
 2019 (Current Chair)  Diane M. Lange  Music
 2022 (Current)  Samuel “Pete” Smith  Modern Languages
 2021 (Current)  Jim Warren  English
 2020 (Current)  Graham Hunt  Music
 2020 (Current)  Andrew Milson  History
 2019 (Current)  Peggy Semingson  Linguistics and TESOL
 2018 (Current)  Naomi Cleghorn  Sociology and Anthropology
 2017 (Current)  Jaya Davis  Criminology and Criminal Justice
 2017 (Current)  Penelope Ingram  English
 2017 (Current)  Jeffrey Witzel  Linguistics and TESOL
 2015  A. Raymond Elliott  Linguistics and TESOL
 2015  Robert Kunovich  Sociology and Anthropology
 2015  Alicia Rueda-Acedo  Linguistics and TESOL
 2011  Christopher B. Conway  Modern Languages
 2011  Victoria A. Farrar-Myers  Political Science
 2010  Stacy Alaimo  English
 2010  Charles C. Chiasson  Philosophy and Humanities
 2009  Harry Reeder  Philosophy and Humanities
 2008  Elizabeth Morrow  Music
 2007  Rebecca E. Deen  Political Science
 2006  David J. Silva  Linguistics and TESOL
 2003  Allan Saxe  Political Science
 2000  Joseph A. Ignagni  Political Science
 1999  Donald G. Kyle  History
 1998  Karin McCallum  Communication
 1998  Kenneth M. Roemer  English Studies
 1996  Elisabeth A Cawthon  Dean's Office and History
 Year  Name  Department
 2021  Alicia Rueda-Acecdo
 Modern Languages
 2012  Stacy Alaimo  English
 2010  Kenneth Roemer  English
 2007  Richard Francaviglia
 2004  Dennis Maher
 Theatre Arts & Dance
 2003  Martin Danahay
 2002  Donald Kule
 1999  Stanley Palmer
 1998  Elisabeth Cawthorn
 1992  Dana Dunn
 Sociology and Anthropology
 1988  Kenneth Roemer  English
 1984  Louanna Frank
 1983  Getrude Golladay
 1982  Andy Anderson
 Art & Art History
 1980  Charles McDowell  Foreign Languages & Linguistics
 1978  West  History
 1977  Hamblett  Political Science
 1976  Charles McDowell
 Foreign Languages & Linguistics
 Year  Name  Department
 2014  Klaus Driessen
 Modern Languages
 2013  Peggy Kulesz  English
 2011  Shelly Christie
 2009  Sara Skiles-Dutoit
 Sociology and Anthropology
 2004  Caryl Segal
 Criminology and Criminal Justice
 Year  Name  Department
 2019  Herschel "Trey" Thomas  Political Science
 2019  Martha Walvoord  Music
 2015  Naomi Cleghorn  Sociology and Anthropology
 2013  Darryl Lauster  Art & Art History
 2010  Graham Hunt  Music


President's Award for Excellence in Teaching (Tentured)

 Year  Name  Department
 2023  Sonia Kania  Modern Languages
 2020  Alicia Rueda-Acecdo  Modern Languages


President's Award for Excellence in Teaching (Untenured)

 Year  Name  Department
 2020  Ashley Lemke  Sociology and Anthropology


 Year  Name  Department
 2020  Alicia Rueda-Acecdo  Modern Languages
 2020  Ashley Lemke  Sociology and Anthropology
 2019  Herschel "Trey" Thomas  Political Science
 2019  Martha Walvoord  Music
 2015  Naomi Cleghorn
 2013  Darryl Lauster
 Art & Art History
 2010  Graham Hunt
 2007  Stacy Alaimo
 2007  Joyce Goldberg
 2005  Rebecca Deen
 Political Science
 2001  Victoria A. Farrar-Myers
 Political Science
 1998  Joseph A. Ignagni
 Political Science
 1994  Stanley Palmer
 1993  Elisabeth Cawthon
 1991  Harry Reeder
 Philosophy and Humanities
 1990  Donald G. Kyler
 1988  Kenneth M. Roemer
 1987  Mary Ridgway
 Exercise Sports Activities
 1983  Gary Stark
 1981  Arlie V. Goyne Jr.
 1976  Charles McDowell  Foreign Languages
 1973  Charles McDowell
 Foreign Languages
 1972  Allan Saxe
 Political Science
 Year  Name  Department
 2020  Julian Rodriguez  Communication
 2018  Amy Austin  Modern Languages
 2016  Kathryn Warren  English
 2015  Sabine Harvey
 Modern Languages
 2012  Joci Ryan
 Sociology and Anthropology
 2011  Jonathon Davis-Secord
 2010  Laura Kopchick
 2009  Joanna Johnson
 2007  Peggy Kulesz
 2003  Vicki Sapp
 2001  Eric J. Bosterli
 Year  Name  Department
 2023  Sonia Kania  Modern Languages
 2021  Alicia Rueda-Acecdo  Modern Languages
 2015  Jeffery Witzel
 Linguistics and TESOL
 2015  A. Raymond Elliot
 Modern Languages
 2013  Rebecca Deen
 Political Science
 2013  Josephine Caldwell-Ryan
 Sociology and Anthropology
 2012  Victoria Farrar-Myers
 Political Science
 2012  Jonathon Davis-Secord
 English & Philosophy
 2012  Elisabeth Cawthon
 2012  Christopher Conway
 Modern Languages
 2011  Stacy Alaimo
 2011  Peggy Kulesz
 2011  Laura Kopchickr  English
 2011  Ken Roemer
 2010  Joanna Johnson
 2009  Elizabeth Morrow
 2009  David Silva (Vice-Provost)
 Linguistics and TESOL
 Year  Name  Department
 2023  Barbara Berthold  Modern Languages
 2022  Ivy Hauser  Linguistics and TESOL
 2021  LaDonna Aiken  Communication
 2017  Pauline Hudel-Smith  Art & Art History
 2015  Alicia Soueid  Modern Languages
 2013  Mindia Whittier  Communication


Faculty Awards and New Faculty Reception heading on pamphlet

Faculty Awards

Each year, the College of Liberal Arts recognizes its outstanding faculty for their tireless efforts in furthering CoLA’s mission, vision, and commitment to elevate the human condition through creativity, innovation, diversity, and exploration of curiosity in and around the UT Arlington campus community.

Our faculty members have discovered new languages. They have received national awards for outstanding advising. They include elected members of the Texas Institute of Letters, the Sociétè de histoire de art franÇais (Louvre Museum, Paris, France), and the Fondazione ìIl Correggioî (Correggio, Italy). Work by art faculty is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York; the National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.; the Whitney Museum of American Art; the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; the Fogg Museum, Harvard University; the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.; the Royal Museum of Fine Art, Antwerp, Belgium. A Professor of Art was named Texas State Artist in 3-dimensional media by the Texas Commission on the Arts in 2007.

Just of a few of the institutions that have recognized our faculty:
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fullbright logo National endowment for the humanities logo The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation logo
The museum of modern art logo National Science Foundation Logo Smithsonian Institution Logo