Research Opportunities for Graduate Students

Graduate students have many opportunities to work with faculty on their research projects, as well as to conduct research on their own. Both the College of Liberal Arts and the Graduate School offer competitive funding for research and conference participation, including the Termini Graduate Student Research Grant and the Research Activity Awards. This support has helped our graduate students do fieldwork in places like Burma and Nepal, as well as conduct research locally.

Linguistics Corpus and Computing Lab

The Linguistics Lab, under the direction of Dr. Laurel Stvan, is a multi-use space with an LCD projector, scanner, printer, white board, and 26 desktop computers, both iMacs and Dells. The machines allow access to department-owned corpora of many written and spoken languages, software for concordancing, OCR, phonetic analysis, audio editing, and statistical analysis.

Psycholinguistics Labs

The Psycholinguistics Lab, under the direction of Dr. Jeffrey Witzel and Dr. Naoko Witzel, consists of three work spaces: the Behavioral Lab (Hammond Hall 130), the Eye-Tracking Lab (Trimble Hall 217D), and the Electroencephalography (EEG) Lab (Trimble Hall 213) for conducting experiments on language processing.

Speech Sounds Lab

The Speech Sounds Lab (Trimble Hall 301), under the direction of Dr. Ivy Hauser and Dr. Cynthia Kilpatrick, houses a soundproof booth for recording, computers for running experiments and data analysis, and an ultrasound for phonetics research.