Lingua Student Group


LINGUA is a student-run linguistics organization at The University of Texas at Arlington. Lingua organizes departmental get-togethers and also puts together the annual student linguistics conference at UT Arlington (UTASCILT) with linguistic scholars from around the world.

Lingua has encouraged, supported, and fostered the study of lesser-studied languages of the world, such as Akposso, Kam, Kadai, Kurdish, Thai, Hausa, Bai, Bulgarian, Vietnamese, Mixe-Zoque, Tamil, Panjabi, Sinhala, Sanskrit, Greek, Hebrew, Angas, Yi, Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, Jarai, and Albanian. Lingua's past and current members have conducted research in Albania, Cambodia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Liberia, India, Pakistan, Australia, Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan, Russia and all corners of the globe!


A regular Lingua membership may be held by anyone who is enrolled with the registrar at UT Arlington as taking a University course for credit. An associate membership may be held by anyone else. Contact Lingua at for more information.

UTA Student Conference in Linguistics & TESOL (UTASCILT 2020)

Our most recent conference was held in person on February 28, 2020. The keynote speaker for the conference was Dr. Jesse Harris (University of California, Los Angeles). More details can be found on the conference page.

Lingua's 2019-2020 officers

  • President: Daniel Amy
  • Vice President: Emily Williams
  • Treasurer: Alberto Navarro-Medina
  • Secretary: Luis Hernandez