Undergraduate Certificate in TESOL

Undergraduate TESOL Certificate Program Overview

Students who are working on their BA and who are interested in receiving theoretical and practical training in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) are encouraged to consider this five-course certificate program. The Undergraduate Certificate in TESOL offers a sequence of courses which introduces linguistics, second language acquisition, and methods and materials in TESOL instruction, paired with the an internship required to consist of 60 hours of volunteer ESL/literacy teaching in a local community service organization. This certificate is ideal for students interested in earning a credential to increase employment opportunities, such as teaching English abroad.

This certificate can be earned while acquiring a bachelor's degree in another discipline. Students who are interested in earning the BA in Linguistics with the Undergraduate Certificate in TESOL may apply the 4000 level courses required by the certificate to the degree requirement of 12 hours at the 3000/4000 level. This optimal sequencing will allow students to graduate with a BA in Linguistics and an Undergraduate Certificate in TESOL without adding additional hours to their degree requirements. You can contact us directly at ling.advisor@uta.edu for more information about admissions.

Coursework & Requirements

Students must take the following courses, for a total of 15 hours:

  • LING 2371: Language in a Multicultural USA - OR - LING 3309 Linguistics for Language Teachers
  • LING 4327: Second Language Acquisition
  • LING 4353: Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language
  • LING 4354: Methods and Materials to Teach English as a Second or Foreign Language
  • LING 4395: Internship in TESOL

Ideally, students should start the sequence with 2371/3311 and use 4395 as the final course in this sequence.