UTA Working Papers in Linguistics, volume 1 (1994)

Front Matter

UTA Working Papers in Linguistics, Volume 1, was published in 1994 by the Program in Linguistics (now the Department of Linguistics & TESOL) at The University of Texas at Arlington.

Editors: Susan C. Herring and John C. Paolillo. (The editors extend a special thanks to David Silva for assistance in preparing this volume.)

Copyrights for the papers in this volume rest with the individual authors.

Table of Contents

Each working paper's title is linked to the paper's location on DSpace, UT Arlington's digital repository. The actual papers (in PDF format) can be found at the bottom of their DSpace page.

Author Title Pages
George L. Huttar Lexical Borrowing, Creolization and Basic Vocabulary 1-13
John C. Paolillo Finding the "Two" in Diglossia 15-31
Virginia C. Vinton The Variable (th) in Dallas African American Vernacular English 33-50
A. Raymond Elliott Predicting Near-Native Pronunciation in Spanish as a Foreign Language 51-68
Susan Gary Walters Primary Stress Assignment in Brazilian Portuguese 69-77
David James Silva The Variable Elision of Unstressed Vowels in European Portuguese: A Case Study 79-94
James E. Vinton Phonetic Emphasis in Tamil 95-107
Mike Cahill Diphthongization and Underspecification in Kɔnni 109-125
Dennis Walters Discourse-Based Evidence for an Ergative Analysis of Cebuano 127-140
Patricia Willess Reiman Subjectless Sentences in English 141-152
Helga H. DeLisle Anaphora, Pragmatics and Style in German 153-159


The original UTAWPL 1 was published in print only. In 2008, the original files were converted to PDFs for online presentation. The material is presented in these PDFs with the same pagination and text. (One or two obvious typographical errors were corrected, and language data has been converted to Unicode.)

Our collective hat is off to Susan C. Herring for locating the (very old) digital files and supplying them to the department.