Undergraduate Minor in Linguistics

The Department of Linguistics and TESOL at UT Arlington offers an undergrad minor in linguistics comprising 18 credits taken within the department. Students may also incorporate the study of linguistics into a degree plan through UT Arlington's Interdisciplinary Studies Program. Students interested in either option should initiate a request for the preparation of their program by contacting the Department of Linguistics and TESOL's advisor at ling.advisor@uta.edu.

Coursework and Requirements

Students must take the following courses, for a total of 9 hours:

  • LING 2301: Introduction to the Study of Human Languages
  • LING 3311: Introduction to Linguistic Science
  • either LING 3330: Phonetics and Phonology
    or LING 3340: Grammar and Morphology

For the remaining 9 hours students must take three more linguistics courses, one of which must be a 4000 level course. Offerings include (but are not limited to):

  • LING 2351: E-Languages
  • LING 2371: Language in a Multicultural America
  • LING 3301: Topics in Linguistics
  • LING 3330 or LING 3340
      (if not taken to satisfy above requirement)
  • LING 3366: Topics in Race/Ethnicity and Language in the U.S.
  • LING 4301: Phonological Theory I
  • LING 4303: Grammatical Theory I
  • LING 4317: Sociolinguistics
  • LING 4318: Language and Gender
  • LING 4320: Historical and Comparative Linguistics
  • LING 4327: Language Acquisition
  • LING 4330: The Computer and Natural Language
  • LING 4353: Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language
  • LING 4354: Methods and Materials to Teach English as a Second or Foreign Language
  • LING 4389: Topics in Linguistics
  • LING 4395: Internship in Linguistics and ESL