UTA Working Papers in Linguistics, volume 2 (2007)

Front Matter

UTA Working Papers in Linguistics, Volume 2, was published in 2007 by the Department of Linguistics & TESOL at The University of Texas at Arlington.

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Copyright 2007 by the UT Arlington Department of Linguistics & TESOL. Individual papers may be downloaded for personal use without permissions. For any other use or for information about reprinting, please contact the department.

Table of Contents

Each working paper's title is linked to the paper's location on DSpace, UT Arlington's digital repository. The actual papers (in PDF format) can be found at the bottom of their DSpace page.

Author Title Pages
Coleen G. Anderson F1 and Center of Gravity Interplay in the Maintenance of Phonological Height within a Statistical Model of a Communal Grammar: The Case of Foodo [ATR] Acoustics 2-29
Kosuke Matsukawa Preliminary Tone Analysis of Possessed Nouns in Chicahuaxtla Trique 30-49
Rui Cao & Priyankoo Sarmah A Perception Study on the Third Tone in Mandarin Chinese 50-66
Han-Chun Huang Argument Realization of Chinese Result and Phase Complements 67-89
Dalal S. Almubayei Language and the Shaping of the Arab-American Identity 90-119

UTA Working Papers in Linguistics 2 was designed to facilitate print-on-demand. In addition to the individual articles (above), all of the front matter is available in this PDF.