Ph.D. Graduates

Ibrahim Alluhaybi» Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: The Place Deixis of Modern Standard Arabic: A Closer Look at the Dimensional System and the Factors that Control the Choice of Place Deictic Expressions.
Career: Assistant Professor, Department of English Language & Literature, Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud University, Saudi Arabia

Dan Amy» Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: Reconstraining massive pied-piping in English: A non-interrogative CP analysis.
Career: Associate Consultant at Lighthouse

Carly Sommerlot» Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: On the syntax of West Kalimantan: Asymmetries and A'-movement in Malayic and Land Dayak languages.
Career: Post-doctoral Fellow, National University of Singapore

Rongchao Tang» Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: Automatic processing of tonal information during visual word recognition in L2 Chinese learners.
Career: Language Teaching Specialist, English Language Center, Vanderbilt University, Nashville.

Kristen Fleckenstein» Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: "'Well I Don't Like Abortion' Well Then Don't Have One": A Corpus-Assisted Discourse Analysis Of The Stance Functions Of Some Discourse Markers In Mediated Abortion Debate.
Career: Assistant Professor, Department of English, Coastal Carolina University, Conway, SC

Juliet Huynh» Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: Morphological decomposition in heritage language speakers.
Career: Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of Wisconsin--Madison

Ehsan Shafiee Zargar» Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: Processing L2 Scripts in Highly Proficient Bilinguals.
Career: Interpreter and Language Consultant at Hossein Zamanian CPA, Dallas

Samantha Cornelius » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: Prosodic Phonology in Oklahoma Cherokee
Career: Linguist, Division of Language Preservation, Department of Culture and Humanities, Chickasaw Nation, Ada Oklahoma

Kent Rasmussen » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: A Comparative Tone Analysis of Several Bantu D30 Languages (DR Congo)
Career: Linguistics Consultant SIL international

JungAe Allman » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: Empirical Examination of Two Diagnostics of Korean Unaccusativity.
Career: Director of the Accelerated English Program at Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary, Manila, Philippines

Darcey Browning » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: #TwitterDiscourseMarkers: A Corpora Based Study of the Pragmatic Functions of Hashtags.
Career: 2020 Clayton B. Ofstad Linguistics Scholar-in-Residence at Truman State University, Missouri; Lecturer in Linguistics, University of Texas at Arlington; Lecturer in English, Howard Community College, Columbia, Maryland

Nathaniel Eversole » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: Retrieval Processes in Subject-Verb Agreement Computation.
Career: Senior Language Data Scientist, Amazon, Seattle

Ju-young Lee » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: Plausibility and Structural Reanalysis in Online L1 and L2 Sentence Processing.
Career: Assistant Professor in the English Language and Literature Studies Programme, United International College, Zhuhai, China

Iya Khelm Price » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: Independent Sources of Relative Clause Processing Difficulty: Evidence from Russian.
Career: Assistant Professor of Instruction in Russian and Coordinator of the Russian program, Department of Modern Languages, University of Texas at Arlington

Jessica Rohr » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: Acoustic and Perceptual Correlates of L2 Fluency: The Role of Prolongations.
Career: Assistant Professor of English and TESOL, Oklahoma Baptist University

Yujeong Choi » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: Repair Negotiation by English L2 Learners  
Career: Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Dept. of East Asian Studies, University of Toronto

Joshua Jensen » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: The Structure of Clauses and Noun Phrases in Jarai
Career: Missionary, Cambodia

Sok-Hun Kim  » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: A Corpus-based Analysis of Discourse Anaphora in English and Korean: A Neo-Gricean Pragmatic Approach.
Career: Research Fellow, Pragmatics Lab, Sogang University, Seoul

Vitaly Voinov » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: Politeness Devices in the Tuvan Language
Career: Director, Institute for Bible Translation, Moscow

Ziwo Lama » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: Subgrouping of Nisoic (Yi) Languages, a Phylogenetic Estimation [via DSpace]
Career: Professor, Southwest University for Nationalities, Chengdu,

K. Larry Rogers » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: American Sign Language Verb Categories in Constructed Action [via DSpace]
Career: Lecturer, American Sign Language and Phonetics, Speech and Hearing Sciences Department, University of North Texas

Heather Beal » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: The segments and tones of Soyaltepec Mazatec [via DSpace]
Career: Linguistics Consultant, Wycliffe Bible Translators, Oaxaca, Mexico

Tod Allman » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: The translator's assistant: A multilingual natural language generator based on linguistic universals, typologies, and primitives
Career: Adjunct faculty, Department of Applied Linguistics, Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics, Dallas; Visiting Professor, College of Computer Science, De La Salle University, Manila

Mary Ann Dziugis » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: Talking to Strangers - A Sociolinguistic Experiment: Variation in Initial Dyadic Interactions Between Spanish-Speakers in Early 21st Century Buenos Aires, Argentina

Deborah King » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: Voice and Valence-Altering Operations in Falam Chin: A Role and Reference Grammar Approach
Career: Associate editor, Tyndale House Publishers, Carol Stream, Illinois

Dalal S. Almubayei » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: Articulations of Identity within Kuwaiti High School Cliques: Language Choices in Boyat and Emo Filipino Youth Groups
Career: Assistant Professor, English Department, The Public Authority for Applied Education and Training, Kuwait

Carl E. Johnson » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: A Discourse Analysis of the Periphrastic Imperfect in the Greek New Testament Writings of Luke
Career: Professor and Distance Education Director, Arlington Baptist College

Cécile Padayodi » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: A Revised Phonology of Kabiye Segments and Tones
Career: French Language & Francophone Culture Instructor and Examiner, US Foreign Service Institute, International Center for Language Studies, Washington, DC

Kenneth Zuercher » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: Azerbaijani-Russian Code-switching and Code-mixing: Form, Function, and Identity
Career: Assistant Professor and Assistant Dept. Chair, Department of Advising and Academic Development at Zayed University, United Arab Emirates

Brett Benham » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: A Longitudinal Analysis of the Vocalic Nucleus in Modern Russian
Career: Technical Media Coordinator, The Center For Distance Education, UT Arlington

Neal Szu-Yen Liang » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: The Acquisition of Chinese Classifier Systems by L2 Adult Learners
Career: Assistant Professor in Chinese, Department of Modern Languages, UT Arlington

Zdravka Radkova » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: Phonological Processes in Contemporary Spoken Bulgarian

Jill Riepe » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: The Verbs of Esther: A Discourse Analysis of the Post-Exilic Text

Paul Schaefer » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: Narrative Storyline Marking in Safaliba: Determining the Meaning and Discourse Function of a Typologically-Suspect Pronoun Set

Ann Hui-yen Wang » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: (Im)politeness in casual conversation among female Mandarin speakers: A practice-based perspective
Career: Contract Assistant Professor in the Department of English at Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages, Taiwan

Catharine Moore Welch » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: The Emergence of Pragmatic Softeners by Instructed Learners of Spanish in the Study Abroad and Immersion Contexts
Career: Lecturer in the School of Education, UNT-Dallas

Robert Eaton » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: Kangri In Context: An Areal Perspective
Career: Field Linguist (S. Asia) and Software Developer, SIL International

Sarah May (Fauzi) » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: "Does Your Throat Hurt More In The Morning Or Throughout The Day?" "Yes.": Intercultural Medical Discourse

Wenhua Jin » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: Sounds of Chinese Korean: A Variationist Approach
Career: Associate Professor of Chinese, Kennesaw State University

Coleen Anderson Starwalt » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: The Acoustic Correlates of ATR Harmony in Seven- and Nine-Vowel African Languages: A Phonetic Inquiry into Phonological Structure
Career: Field Linguist and Consultant in Training (Africa), SIL International

Traci Weast » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: Questions in American Sign Language: A Quantitative Analysis of Raised and Lowered Eyebrows
Career: American Sign Language Instructor, Birdville High School; lecturer, UT Arlington

Tracy Rundstrom Williams
Dissertation: The Textual Construction of Femininity in Women's Fitness Magazines
Career: Director of Nationally Competitive Scholarships, John V. Roach Honors College, Texas Christian University

Mousa Btoosh » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: Interlanguage Lexicology of Arab Students of English: A Computer Learner Corpus-Based Approach
Career: Associate Professor, Chair, Dept. of English Language and Literature, Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, Jordan

Scott Berthiaume » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: A Phonological Grammar of Northern Pame
Career: President of Dallas International University

Julie M. Kolgjini » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: Palatalization in Albanian: An Acoustic Investigation of Stops and Affricates
Career: Professor of Writing and Literature, American University of Kosovo

Tongyin Yang » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: Aspects of the Kam Language, as Revealed in Its Narrative Discourse
Career: Professor and Executive Associate Chair, International College, Jiangsu Normal University, Xuzhou, China

Wi-vun Taiffalo Chiung » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: Learning Efficiencies for Different Orthographies: A Comparative Study of Han Characters and Vietnamese Romanization
Career: Assistant Professor, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

Sherry L. Fariss » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: Word Order in Biblical Hebrew Poetry
Career: Bible translator/linguist, Pioneer Bible Translators

Paulette Hopple » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: The Structure of Nominalization in Burmese
Career: Linguistics Consultant, SIL International

Ji-Eun Kim » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: Native Language and Non-Linguistic Influences on the Production of English Vowels by Speakers of Korean: An Acoustic Study
Career: Assistant Professor, Kwandong University, Korea

Janet Wilson » Ph.D. Linguistics
Dissertation: Transparency and Spreading of Tense, Aspect, and Mood in Kuche Narrative Discourse
Career: Adjunct Professor of Linguistics, Global University

Rodolfo R. Barlaan » Ph.D. Humanities
Dissertation: Some major aspects of the focus system in Isnag

Somsonge Burusphat » Ph.D. Humanities
Dissertation: The structure of Thai narrative discourse

David F. Oltrogge » Ph.D. Humanities
Dissertation: Proto-Quichean kinship

Susan Lynn Peterson » Ph.D. Humanities
Dissertation: Sex-based differences in English argumentative text: A tagmemic sociolinguistic perspective

Robert B. Reed » Ph.D. Humanities
Dissertation: Computer-assisted dialect adaptation: The Tucanoan experiment

Kerry S. Robichaux » Ph.D. Humanities
Dissertation: On the interaction of linguistic texts and human knowledge

Larry B. Jones » Ph.D. Humanities
Dissertation: Pragmatic aspects of English text structure

Stephen L. Walter » Ph.D. Humanities
Dissertation: Application of a cognitive model of linguistic structure to the analysis of selected problems in Tzeltal (Mayan) grammar
Career: Chair, Department of Language Development, Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics (GIAL) Dallas, TX

Richard L. Watson » Ph.D. Humanities
Dissertation: A grammar of two Pacoh texts

Frances M. Woods » Ph.D. Humanities
Dissertation: The interrelationship of cultural information, linguistic structure, and symbolic representations in a Halbi myth