Academic Year 2020-2021

Congratulations, graduates! We look forward to seeing you walk the state at College Park Center. The Aug 19, 2021 College of Liberal Arts commencement ceremony video is to available to stream.

Supported by the Jerold A. Edmondson Research Endowment in Linguistics, doctoral student Joe Wehmeier traveled to Santa María Acapulco, Mexico, to carry out fieldwork along with speakers of Central Pame/ Xi’ui [ʃiʔúi] (part of the Otomanguean language family). Link to FB photos

Dr. Jeff Witzel and Dr. Naoko Witzel published a paper examining the processing of subject-extracted and object-extracted relative clauses by native and non-native speakers of English. "Relative clause processing in L1 and L2 English: A maze task investigation”,  in the Journal of Second Language Studies. abstract.

The public is invited to attend the dissertation defense of Mr. Alhassan Alzahrani: "Employing A Parallel Corpus-Based Approach In Teaching Semantic Prosody and Collocational Behavior to Arabic EFL Learners." Mon. July 26, 2021 at 10am. Online.

Congratulations to Dr. Peggy Semingson, and three UT-Arlington colleagues! The Coalition of Urban Serving Universities has named UT-Arlington as its inaugural Racial Justice and Equity Program Award Winner for their project to accelerate health literacy by creating “EPIGRAM” a ‘COVID-19 Navigator Youth Empowerment Pilot Program’ developed to provide school-aged students and their families with access to health information and resources to learn about the COVID-19 pandemic, including health-promoting behaviors, in multiple languages. Details of the award.

Dr. Peggy Semingson presented "Engaging Students with Multimodal Content Creation for Language Learning: From Microlearning Content to Long-Form Videos," an All London TiLT Webinar, on July 8. YouTube video link

There has been a makeover of all the College of Liberal Arts websites, including Linguistics and TESOL. Check out our new site here:

Dr. Laurel Stvan presented “Peer Health Advice through Internet Meme Speech Acts” at the ISLE6, the International Society for the Linguistics of English, presented online by host University of Eastern Finland on June 3.

Alumna Dr. Carly Sommerlot gave an invited keynote talk at the International Symposium on Malay/Indonesian Linguistics-International Symposium on the Languages of Java conference on May 20th. She discussed the nasal prefix in several varieties of Indonesian/Malay, languages of Java, and languages of Borneo.
Doctoral student Emily Graham successfully defended her Qualifying Paper on May 7, 2021 online. The title of her paper was "Processing determiner phrases: An ERP investigation".
The 2021 College of Liberal Arts acCOLAdes video is now available! Check out the Linguistics and TESOL students who received recognition! UTA College of Liberal Arts  Link to YouTube .
April 22 is #MavsDay. A time to support the Maverick community! Thanks for anything you can donate to Linguistics and TESOL. Even $10 would be a great step towards funding research funds and scholarships. Together we can create an impact for current and future students! Give here.
Dr. Peggy Semingson has an article out in Reading Research Quarterly: "Where is the Evidence? Looking Back to Jeanne Chall and Enduring Debates About the Science of Reading".
Dr. Laurel Stvan took part in a faculty panel at UTA’s first Medical Humanities Symposium on Friday, April 9, hosted by the new Mavericks for Medical Humanities club.
MA TESOL student Alberto Navarro presented his work at the annual College of Liberal Arts - Spotlight on Student Research Forum, held online on Thursday, April 8, 2021.

March 5 will see two UTA Linguists presenting at online conferences! In the a.m., Dr. Peggy Semingson will present “Analyzing Depictions of Translanguaging in Recent Award-Winning Latinx Young Adult Literary Texts: Language(s) as Reaffirming,” at the Cultural Constructions Conference 2021, online, hosted by UT Arlington.

At 5:30 pm (CST) doctoral student Xinwen Zhang will present her work jointly developed with Dr. Jeff Witzel, “The interaction of semantic information and parsing biases: An A-maze investigation” at the 34th Annual #CUNY2021 Conference on Human Sentence Processing, online, hosted by the University of Pennsylvania.

On Feb. 13, Dr. Peggy Semingson presented work at the Midwest Association for Language Learning Technology #MWALLT on tech, #CALL & teaching online. Her slides "Creating and Curating Microlearning Content in the Language Learning Classroom": @utalibarts

Dr. Cindy Kilpatrick has completed the Master Reviewer Certification from the Quality Matters organization. This means that she can lead review teams that will ensure the quality and consistency of online courses.


Join us in welcoming Dr. Peggy Semingson to the Department of Linguistics and TESOL. She joins us as an Associate Professor in TESOL starting in January 2021. Her research interests include digital pedagogies, online learning, literacy teacher education, and ESL, with a focus on studying students who face challenges in literacy learning and bilingualism. Welcome aboard!

Dr. Laurel Stvan has been selected as a Fellow of the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE). She begins training in ACUE's Course in Effective Online Teaching Practices in January of 2021. Further recognition of our faculty's dedication to excellence in teaching!



Four UTA folks will be presenting at the online LSA Annual Meeting in January:

  • Doctoral student Emily Williams is presenting a poster in the Computational Linguistics session on the afternoon of Sat, Jan 9.
  • Alumnus Dr. Nathan Eversole co-authored a talk in the Experimental Pragmatics session on the afternoon of Fri, Jan 8.
  • Dr. Laurel Stvan and will be presenting as part of a panel in the organized session on Scholarly Teaching in the Age of Covid-19 and Beyond on the morning of Saturday, Jan. 9.
  • And alumna and instructor Dr. Katie Welch will also be presenting as part of the panel on Scholarly Teaching in the Age of Covid-19 and Beyond on the morning of Saturday, Jan. 9.

The public is invited to attend the dissertation proposal defense of Alhassan Alzahrani: “Employing a Corpus–based Method in Approaching Challenges Facing Novice Translators.” Tuesday, December 22, 2020 at 10am on Teams.

UTA has a contributor to the new international conference format--#Linguistweets, the 1st International Twitter Conference on Linguistics. 96 talks on Linguistics will be tweeted out in six-part threads across 24 hours on Dec. 4/Dec. 5. Dr. Laurel Stvan’s 15-min slot is Dec 5, 02:15 UTC (That’s 8:15pm central on Fri, Dec 4 for US colleagues!) “Tempering and aligning advice-giving through memes”: Check out the thread.
This year three saw three presentations by UTA scholars at the 12th annual DFW Metroplex Linguistics Conference held on Fri, Nov. 6, 2020. Dr. Ivy Hauser, doctoral student David Edwards, & alumna Dr. Katie Welch each gave talks. The event was hosted online this year by Dallas International University. Check out the schedule.

Alumna Dr. Darcey Browning (PhD, 2017), started a position as a Clayton B. Ofstad Linguistics Scholar-in-Residence at Truman State University, leading an 8-week course starting in October 2020. It’s part of a range of endowed intensive seminars, masterclasses and workshops focusing on areas of creative writing, English, and linguistics led by guest writers and scholars.


Dr. Ivy Hauser has been selected as a Fellow of the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE). She begins training in ACUE's Course in Effective Teaching Practices in September of 2020. We're delighted to celebrate our faculty's dedication to excellence in teaching!

Thanks to funding from the UT Arlington Office of Graduate Studies, we are excited to welcome two alums as post-doctoral researchers to the department this fall. Dr. Carly Sommerlot and Dr. Rongchao Tang are working this semester on research in their respective areas -- syntax, Austronesian languages, language documentation and revitalization; and psycholinguistics, experimental data processing, and word recognition of L2 Chinese learners.

New grad students: We’re looking forward to seeing you at

  • The College of Liberal Arts welcome and orientation on Wednesday, August 18 (10am to noon) online. For the College welcome, Linguistics doctoral student Emily Williams and TESOL MA student Alberto Navarro will take part in a panel on graduate student experiences at UTA.
  • The Linguistics department grad student orientation on Thursday. Aug. 19 (12:30-3:00pm) online.
  • Be ready for the first day of classes, Wed. Aug. 26!

Join us in welcoming three new people to the Department of Linguistics and TESOL.

  • Dr. Ivy Hauser starts September 1 as a tenure-track assistant professor! Dr. Hauser earned her PhD at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She specializes in laboratory and formal methods to study speech sounds, focusing on how the acoustics of particular speech sounds differ across languages.
  • Dr. Ray Elliott will start Sept. 1 as the interim department chair! Housed in Modern Languages, Dr. Elliott is a linguist with specialties in Spanish Applied Linguistics and the documentation and analysis of Triqui de Chicahuaxtla.
  • Ms. Cindy Nguyen started in August as our new undergraduate advisor! She has a BA from UTA in Communication, and an MA from TCU.

Academic Year 2019-2020

The public is invited to attend the dissertation defense of Ms. Carly Sommerlot: "On the syntax of West Kalimantan: Asymmetries and A’-movement in Malayic and Land Dayak languages." Monday, August 17, at 2:00pm on Zoom.
The public is invited to attend the dissertation defense of Mr. Dan Amy: "Reconstraining massive pied-piping in English: A non-interrogative CP analysis." Monday, August 31 — at 12pm on Zoom.
The public is invited to attend the dissertation defense of Mr. Ibrahim Alluhaybi: The Place Deixis of Modern Standard Arabic: A Closer Look at the Dimensional System and the Factors that Control the Choice of Place Deictic Expressions." Monday, May 18 at 4:00pm on Teams.
The public is invited to attend the dissertation defense of Mr. Rongchao Tang: "Automatic processing of tonal information during visual word recognition in L2 Chinese learners." Thursday, July 16th at 9am on Zoom.
Congratulations to Dr. Naoko Witzel who was awarded $1000 from the UTA College of Liberal Arts, through the Endowment for Faculty Research, to support her project "Second Language Proficiency and Morphological Decomposition."
Congrats to Dr. Cindy Kilpatrick who was awarded both a College of Liberal Arts 2020 Outstanding Graduate Advisor Award and a 2020 CoLA Outstanding Award for Distance Education for her exceptional teaching!
The public is invited to attend the dissertation proposal defense of Ms. Emily Williams: “Artificial Operators in Computer-Mediated Communication: Function and Use.” Monday, May 18th at 11AM on Teams.

We’ll be offering a five-week Summer II class which makes a great elective: LING 3301--Topics: Language Policy and Education! Like all this summer’s classes, it will be offered online.

New grad students: We’re looking forward to seeing you at the Linguistics department orientation on Fri. Aug. 16 (9:30am-noon) and at the College of Liberal Arts welcome and orientation on Mon. Aug. 19 (2-6 pm). For the College welcome, doctoral student Dan Amy will take part in a panel on graduate student experiences at UTA. Photo on Facebook. Be ready for the first day of classes, Wed. Aug. 21!

Congrats to this year’s Nakamura prize winner, doctoral student Xinwen Zhang, and thanks to all who attended the 26th UTA Student Conference in Linguistics and TESOL on Friday!

Alumna Dr. Iya Khelm Price (PhD Linguistics, 2016) is starting a new position this year as Senior Lecturer in the Department of Modern Languages at UTA, and will be the Coordinator of the Russian program! Photo on Facebook

Join us for a Q&A on February 26 at noon with 5 Linguistics alumni talking about their academic paths after their Linguistics and TESOL degrees. Join the (Free pizza!)

Mar 17. Here's today's update. Online classes for the remainder of the semester. Spring commencement is postponed. Stay home and stay safe, everyone!

Starting on March 15, The Department of Linguistics and TESOL will be closed for in-person business for the remainder of the semester. Faculty and staff will all be working remotely, and can continue to be contacted by email. All class office hours should be done virtually. Stay safe, Mavericks!

Linguistics doctoral student Emily Williams presented a cross-college collaborative work on March 5 at the UTA 5th Annual Business Analytics Symposium!

Doctoral student Carly Sommerlot has had an article published in the Austronesian Formal Linguistics Association (AFLA) proceedings, a special edition of the Journal of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society!

UTA has a finalist in the LSA's Five-minute Linguist contest this year! Come on along to New Orleans to hear Emily Williams present on Pragmatic Extension in Computer-Mediated Communication: The case of ™ and # LSA Announcement

Eat or drink at Twisted Root Burger (310 E Abram St) on Thur Feb 20, mention “Lingua” to your server, and $$ goes to our LINGUA student group to support the UTA Student Conference in Linguistics & TESOL!

Doctoral student Carly Sommerlot has had an article published in the Austronesian Formal Linguistics Association (AFLA) proceedings, a special edition of the Journal of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society!

Join us in welcoming phonologist Dr. Ivy Hauser who will be joining our department as a tenure-track assistant professor in Fall 2020! Ivy earned her PhD at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 2019. This past year she has been teaching at the University of Minnesota.

For undergrads and grads who have an interest in teaching English abroad, the Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Program can be a great opportunity. Please join us Tues, Oct. 29, 5-6 pm in Trimble 202 for an information session on applying!

Check out the info session on teaching English in France from our colleagues in the Modern Languages Department! Monday, Nov. 25 4pm in Trimble Hall 216.

TexTESOL V Regional Conference will take place on Feb 8, 2020 at UT Arlington! Proposals due by Oct 31 at

Join colleagues, students, and alumni as UTA hosts TexTESOL Region 5's winter conference in Nedderman Hall Feb 8!

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Naoko Witzel and Dr. Suwon Yoon have been granted tenure and promoted to associate professor, effective Sept 1, 2019!

Join us on Nov 4th, 12-1 pm in Trimble Hall 115 to hear reps from Texas Women's University and UT Dallas will discuss their grad programs and answer your questions about the field. Lunch will be provided!.

There will be 7 UTA presentations this year at the Linguistic Society of America/ American Dialect Society/ Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas in New Orleans Jan 2-5!

Doctoral student Carly Sommerlot presented research on March 8 at the West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics in British Columbia. Her talk was "A reanalysis of the Austronesian nasal prefix: Evidence from Desa, a Malayic language of West Kalimantan".

Academic Year 2018-2019

The public is invited to the dissertation defense of Kristen Fleckenstein on Friday, June 21st at noon in Trimble Hall 204. “‘Well I don’t like abortion’ Well then don’t have one”: A corpus-assisted discourse analysis of discourse markers as stance markers in mediated abortion debate.

The public is invited to the dissertation defense of Juliet Huynh on Wed. June 19, at 2pm in Trimble 204."Morphological decomposition in heritage language speakers."

The Mav Preview Day at UT Arlington is a great chance for high school students and their parents today to come learn about a BA in Linguistics. Stop by the Rio Grande Ballroom on July 24!
Welcome aboard to our new undergraduate advisor, Holly Fortes! Holly has two years of experience with the Peace Corp in Cape Verde, and and has served as an Area Director at Refugee Services of Texas. Linguistics and TESOL students can book an appointment with her through our new online scheduling portal.
Congratulations and fond farewells to our two newest alumni, who successfully defended their dissertations this summer. Both are headed off to tenure-track jobs in the fall of 2019. Dr. Juliet Huynh will be an Assistant Professor in the English Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. And Dr. Kristen Fleckenstein will be an Assistant Professor in the English Department at Coastal Carolina University. Way to go, Linguistics Mavericks!
Doctoral student Corinne Van Ryckeghem attended field school this summer in Guatemala, where she also studied the K'iche' language, thanks to an Jerold A. Edmondson Research Endowment grant in Linguistics! Photo on Facebook.
Doctoral student Carly Sommerlot finished 6 weeks of fieldwork in Indonesia this summer, followed up with an invited talk at the university in Ngabang (STKIP Pamane Talino (Sekolah Tinggi Keguruan Dan Ilmu Pendidikan). Her talk was on Language, Culture, and Linguistics in Indonesia. Photo on Facebook
Doctoral student Emily Williams presented her research on July 24 at the 10th International Corpus Linguistics Conference at Cardiff University in Wales. “Without English they are strangers’: Representations of Limited English Proficiency and national identity in United States Congressional discourse.” FB photo.
Doctoral student Rongchao Tang presented a paper this week at the Acquisition of Chinese: Bilingualism and Multilingualism conference, held at Churchill College, University of Cambridge, UK: “The use of tonal information during visual word recognition in adult L2 Chinese learners.” This was a joint project with Naoko Witzel, as well as Xiaomei Qiao and Jia Chen from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. Photo on Facebook.

Start the school year off right by taking part in the following UTA events:

  • Department of Linguistics and TESOL's new grad student orientation 9:30am - 12:00pm on Friday, August 17 in Trimble Hall 110.
  • Liberal Arts new Grad Student Reception on Friday, Aug 17, 2018, in the UTA Art Gallery, Fine Arts Building room 148.
  • First day of classes, Wednesday, Aug 22.
  • University-wide MavsMeet Convocation Tuesday, Aug. 21 at 4:00pm-5:00pm in College Park Center.


The public is invited to attend the dissertation proposal defense of Carly Sommerlot: “On the Syntax of West Kalimantan: Asymmetries and A-Bar Movement in Malayic and Land Dayak Languages.” Tuesday, May 14th at 11AM in Trimble Hall 200.

Lingua is proud to have presented the 25th Annual UTA Student Conference in Linguistics and TESOL on Friday, March 1, including posters, papers, and a panel and Q&A session on Teaching Abroad! Thanks to our keynote speaker, Dr. David Silva. Here's a video of the slides from his keynote address.

Lingua’s first fall brown-bag event will be an interactive session on creating LaTeX documents, led by Linguistics MA student Henry Anderson. Wed. Nov. 14th at 11am-noon in the 014 Trimble computer lab.

Doctoral student Juliet Huynh presented at the second fall Lingua Brownbag talk, sharing her experiences attending the week-long Spring Training Workshop in current issues and methods in psycholinguistics. Bring along your lunch and join us on Wed. November 28, 2018 from 12:00-1:00pm in the Linguistics Computer Lab (TH014) >ec. 7, on the value of the Documenting Endangered Languages Program.

Students, faculty, and friends are welcome to join us for lunch as we celebrate the year’s departmental highlights—graduations, TESOL certificates, research funding, travel awards, faculty receiving tenure... on Wednesday, May 1 at 11:30 in Trimble 303 (adjoining the LAC). Guests are welcome!

The public is invited to the dissertation defense of Ehsan Shafiee Zargar. The defense will take place on Wednesday, May 15, 2019, at 2pm in Trimble Hall 200: “Processing L2 scripts in highly-proficient bilinguals.”

The public is invited to attend the dissertation defense of Ms. Samantha Cornelius on Friday, August 24, at noon in Trimble Hall 200: ''Prosodic Phonology in Oklahoma Cherokee.''

In recognition of outstanding work in the field of online education, Dr. Cynthia Kilpatrick and Dr. Darcey Browning will receive the Center for Distance Education scholarships to attend the Quality Matters Peer Reviewer Course workshops this summer!

Doctoral student Emily Williams presented her research on Oct. 13 at the 47th meeting of the Linguistics Association of the Southwest (LASSO) in Provo, Utah. Her paper ‘Without English they are strangers’: Representations of Limited English Proficiency and National Identity in United States Congressional Discourse’ discussed language policy implications for the United States based on lexical choices made by members of Congress in opposing and supporting H.R. 997, The English Language Unity Act. Link to Facebook photo

Congrats to our newest BAs and PhD in Linguistics! See the photos from the Fall College of Liberal Arts Commencement on Dec. 14, 2018. 

Cambodian refugee Ms. Loung Ung wrote a book about her family's escape from Cambodia called "First They Killed My Father." Angelina Jolie directed the film made of the book, which will be the focus of this UTA conversation. The College of Liberal Arts is hosting a discussion and luncheon facilitated by UTA's own Dr. Cynthia Kilpatrick. The event is 12:00 PM on Wednesday, February 6, 2019, in the Rosebud Theatre @ University Center. FREE lunch will be served for those who RSVP.

Come join us at UTA in exploring how humans produce and comprehend language! Funded PhD positions in Linguistics are available starting in Fall 2019. Applications due by Feb. 15. See & contact admissions advisor

April 24. Dr. Laurel Stvan presented two projects at the Health Across the Lifespan symposium at UTA: ”College Student Perspectives on Prediabetes Risks” and “Gathering Internet Memes for a Corpus of Peer Health Advice.” Both are part of the UTA Strategic Plan focus on Health and the Human Condition.

Dr. Daniel Scarpace will present a paper at the Hispanic Linguistics Symposium at UT Austin on October 25: “A Praat-based activity for teaching word initial Spanish stops.”Naoko’s project won the Best Poster award at the conference. Picture on FB.

Linguistics undergrad Seung Ah Kwak won an Honors College Undergraduate Research Fellowship to get research experience at UTA over the summer.

Doctoral student Rongchao Tang and Seung Ah Kwak will be working together on a morphological decomposition project this summer, which has been accepted for funding by the I-Engage Mentoring Program from the Office of Graduate Studies at UTA.

Interested in teaching abroad? We'll be hosting Diane Millar, from the U.S. State Department, who will talk about the Fulbright Program (relevant for both undergrads and grads) and the English Teaching Fellows Program (more relevant for grad students.) Drop-ins from any department are welcome on Thursday, Nov. 1 between 10am and noon in Room 209 Trimble Hall.

How do linguist spend spring break? Doctoral student Emily Williams started off her break by presenting work at the American Association of Applied Linguistics in Atlanta! She presented her poster ‘Without English they are strangers’: Representations of immigrants, language, and nation in United States congressional discourse” on Saturday, March 09, 2019.

Dr. Laurel Stvan presents her work on open access educational resources at the WikiConference North America 2018 in Columbus at the Ohio State University on Oct. 21. Her presentation is on “Cultivating New Student Editors in the Linguistics Classroom.” Link to Facebook photo

Cultural Constructions conference Another great linguistics presentation: students Seung Ah Kwak and William Kirton presented a paper, "How Korean-English bilinguals represent stop sounds in their two languages," at the March 21 Cultural Constructions Conference in the Carlisle Suite at UTA. This was a joint research project with Juliet Huynh, Ji Yea Kim, and Naoko Witzel.

Doctoral student Dan Amy and Dr. Jeff Witzel presented their poster, "The influence of prosody on (non-)restrictive relative clause interpretation," at the 32nd Annual CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing at the University of Colorado Boulder on March 30.

At the September College of Liberal Arts faculty awards reception, Linguistics and TSEOL had three CoLA Endowment for Faculty Research award winners: Naoko Witzel, Jeff Witzel, and Suwon Yoon; Dr. Naoko Witzel and doctoral student Juliet Huynh won the College of Liberal Arts Dean’s Accolade Endowment Award. And our staff advisor Ryan Hamzeh won a CoLA Outstanding Undergraduate Advisor Award winner. Facebook photos

The Mav Preview Day at UT Arlington is a great chance for high school students and their parents today to come learn about a BA in Linguistics. Stop by on March 11!

Dr. Cynthia Kilpatrick was awarded a pilot grant to develop a new faculty-led study abroad project in Guatemala. The award funds an exploratory site visit during Summer 2019, as part of a proposed program to take students to Guatemala in Summer 2020. Thanks to the Office of International Education at UTA for the sponsorship! Photo on Facebook

The public is invited to attend the dissertation proposal defense of Rongchao Tang on April 2nd at 9am in Trimble 200: "Automatic processing of tonal information during visual word recognition in adult L2 Chinese learners."

Dr. Naoko Witzel has a new journal article out: "Can masked synonym priming replicate masked translation priming?" The paper, which will be published in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, looks at how masked semantic priming yields different pattern of results from masked translation priming.

In mid-May UTA doctoral student Rongchao Tang attended the Spring Training in Experimental Psycholinguistics (STEP) 2019 at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. Thanks to the Office of Graduate Studies for the sponsorship!

Dr. Naoko Witzel won a Research Enhancement Program (REP) Grant from UTA for a project that will examine whether different ERP wave forms are involved in recognizing visually presented L1 and L2 words in different-script bilinguals. REP winners were celebrated this afternoon at the Spring university-wide Faculty Meeting.

On Thursday, May 2, grab your friends and family and take a study break at Rolling Ice! Anytime that day from 12:30-10:00PM when anyone mentions "Lingua" at Rolling Ice, it will generate 20% of the purchase price to help raise money for Lingua. So come help out the student group who coordinates our UTA student conference in Linguistics! Rolling Ice is located at 713 W Park Row Drive in Arlington, TX 76013. Cool off and help raise some funds!

Congrats to Alumni Iya Price on her STARTALK grant for an intensive Russian program, Let’s Travel to Russia. It’s a four-week program for 11th-12th graders and undergraduate students with no prior knowledge of Russian or at a low novice level. High school students and undergrads who are interested in learning Russian, check out this great opportunity. The application deadline is May 1.

Come hear Speech-Language Pathologist Julie Schmidt, from Cook Children’s Hospital on Wed. April 3rd, 12-1pm in Trimble Hall Room 110 as she presents on how linguistics relates to this field! Open to all students. Free lunch will be provided for those who attend! Julie will discuss her educational path to becoming licensed, and the various diagnoses she encounters on a day-to-day basis working at Cook, and with other professionals and families. She'll take questions--so come ask about how to become an SLP practitioner!

Doctoral student Carly Sommerlot will be gathering field data in Borneo for 6 weeks this summer, followed by a trip to Banyuwangi to present at The Seventh International Symposium on the Languages of Java (ISLOJ) and The 23rd International Symposium on Malay/Indonesian Linguistics (ISMIL). Photo on Facebook Thanks to funding from Jerold A. Edmondson Research Endowment in Linguistics grant and the Wright Accolades Endowment in the College of Liberal Arts for the sponsorship!

Two UTA doctoral students presented work at the 37th Second Language Research Forum at the Universite du Quebec a Montreal on Oct. 27 and 28. Juliet Huynh presented her paper, "Grammatical processing of Vietnamese compounds in heritage and L1-dominant speakers." and Rongchao Tang presented his poster, "How new L2 words are stored at initial stages of L2 acquisition.” Both these projects were conducted along with Dr. Naoko Witzel. Rongchao and Naoko’s project won the Best Poster award at the conference. Picture on FB.

UTA had three presenters at TexTESOL V in Dallas on Nov. 2 and 3: MA TESOL student Sean Farrell: "Designing ESL Technical Writing Curriculum: A Case Study"; ELI's Debra Basler & Cindy Kilpatrick: "Building Student Success with New Initiatives and Updated Programs"; and Linguistics and TESOL's Cindy Kilpatrick: "From Teacher to Trainer”. Facebook photo.

Dr. Daniel Scarpace presented his research on “the Acoustics and Perception of Resyllabification in English and Spanish” at the UT-Dallas Callier Center for Communication Disorders on Oct. 5.

It's the 25th anniversary of Lingua! Come back and see what's going on in the Department of Linguistics and TESOL! We are pleased to announce the 25th annual UTA Student Conference in Linguistics & TESOL on Fri & Sat, March 1 & 2. Open to students from all universities. Cash prizes for best student presentations! (Thanks to the Yumi Nakamura Memorial Endowment.) Keynote: Dr. David J. Silva (founder of Lingua, and now Provost at Salem State University). The abstracts deadline has been extended to Jan. 5 at 11:59pm Central.

COVID-19 Updates

See this regularly updated list of COVID-19 announcements affecting UTA.

COVID-19 Announcements