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Daniel  Armstrong

Robert A. Welch Distinguished Professor

Office: 303 CRB, Email:, Phone: 817-272-0632, FAX: 817-272-0619

Research ProfileCourses

Molecular Recognition, esp. chiral & isomeric

Separation Science

Ionic Liquids: synthesis, characterization & use

Ordered Media, including micelles & macrocyclic compounds

Enantiomeric Separations

Mass Spectrometry


Drug, Environmental & Food Analysis

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"Characterization of Phosphonium Ionic Liquids Through a Liner Solvation Energy Relationship and Their Use as GLC Stationary Phases". Breitbach, Z.S. and Armstrong, D.W., Anal. & Bioanal. Chem. 390 1605-1617 (2008).

B.Sc. Washington and Lee University (1972)

M.S. in Oceanography, Texas A&M University (1974)

Ph.D. in Chemistry, Texas A&M University (1977)

Daniel Armstrong has over 600 publications, including 29 book chapters, one book (“Use of Ordered media in Chemical Separations”) and 28 patents.  He has been names by the Scientific Citation Index as one of the world’s  most highly cited scientists, and he has given ~ 550 invited/keynote/plenary lectures and colloquia worldwide.  His work has been cited over 31,000 times and his Hirsch index is ~ 90 (G.S.).

Daniel Armstrong is considered the “Father” of micelle and cyclodextrin-based separations, he elucidated the first chiral recognition mechanism by cyclodextrins, he was the first to develop macrocyclic antibiotics as chiral selectors, and he is one of the world’s leading authorities on the theory, mechanism, and use of enantioselective molecular interactions.  Over 30 different LC and GC columns that were originally developed in his laboratories have been commercialized and/or copied worldwide.  His work and columns were in part responsible for the chromatography and electrophoresis-led revolution in chiral separations over the last two and one half decades.  Currently, the columns, chiral selectors and techniques he developed dominate the work of analytical enantiomeric separations.

He has developed the most effective way to characterize the solvent properties of room temperature ionic liquids (RTILs).  This has proven to be an essential and effective way to explain the effect of RTILs on organic reactions, and in various analytical methodologies.  Surfactant aggregation to form normal micelles in RTILs was demonstrated.  The first MALDI-MS matrices and high stability GC stationary phases based on RTILs were developed in his laboratories and were recently commercialize by Supelco/Sigma/Aldrich.  The new enhanced mass spectrometry technique of PIESI (Paired Ion Electrospray Ionization) was developed in his laboratory and is one of the most  sensitive methods for ultra-trace anion analyses and speciation.He developed the first high efficiency CE separation approach for microorganisms (i.e., bacterial, viruses, fungi, etc.).  This will extend the realm of separation science into the mainstream of biology and colloid science.

He founded or co-founded two separate companies focused on production of novel separation media and using them for difficult analyses.


1975 Elected to the Honorary Chemical Society: Phi Lambda Upsilon

1985 Outstanding Teacher Award, TTU.

1988 Faculty Excellence Award, UMR

1991 Great Britain’s Martin Medal for Outstanding Contributions to Chromatography

1993 ACS 49th Mid-west Regional Award

1993 Presidential Award for Research and Creativity

1995 R&D 100 Award

1996 A. A. Benedette-Pichler Award

1998 ACS Helen M. Free Award for Public Outreach

1999 American Chemical Society Award in Chromatography

1999 Hope College Distinguished Scholar

2001 Weber Medal for Contributions to Pharmaceutical Science

2002 ACS Kenneth A. Spenser Award for Meritorious Achievement in Food & Agriculture Science

2003 Chirality Medal, Shizuoka, Japan

2004 Vladimir J. Zuffa Medal for Pharmaceutical Chemistry

2005 Dal Nogare Award for Separation Science

2007 Medal of the Slovak Medical Society

2009 Admitted as a Fellow of The Royal Society of Chemistry

2012 UTA Distinguished Record of Research or Creative Activity

2013 Named American Chemical Society Fellow

Named to the Analytical Scientist’s 2013 Power List top 20

2014 ACS Award for Separation Science & Technology

2014 M.J.E. Golay Award, Riva del Garde, Italy

2014 UT Arlington Distinguished Scholars Award

2014 Inducted to the UTA Academy of Distinguished Scholars

2013 Named American Chemical Society Fellow

Named to the Analytical Scientist’s 2013 Power List top 20

2014 ACS Award for Separation Science & Technology

2014 M.J.E. Golay Award, Riva del Garde, Italy

2014 UT Arlington Distinguished Scholars Award

2014 Inducted to the UTA Academy of Distinguished Scholars

2014 Elected to National Academy of Inventors

Wilfred T. Doherty Research & Service Award – DFW Section of American Chemical Society, 2015

Named to Analytical Scientist’s 2015 Power List top 10

(List does not include named lectureships, visiting professorships, lecture or poster awards, etc.)

Professorial (Distinguished ) Chairs:

1989 Curator’s Professorship (U. Missouri-Rolla)

2000 Caldwell Professorship (Iowa State University)

2006 Robert A. Welch Professorship (University of Texas at Arlington)

Editorial Recognitions

Separations Associate Editor for Analytical Chemistry.

Former Editor of Chirality.

Section Editor for Amino Acids.

Member of the Editorial Board of

Journal of Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Analysis

Amino Acids Journal

The Journal of Chromatography

The Journal of Liquid Chromatography

The Journal of Planar Chromatography

Journal of Inclusion

Phenomena, Separation Science and Technology


Member of the Instrumentation Board for Analytical Chemistry, 1990.

Member of the Scientific Advisory Board for Analytical Chemistry, 1996-98.

1999 Editorial Advisory Board of Chromatographia,

2001 Editorial Advisory Board for Electrophoresis, Chromatographia

2008 Editorial Board for Scientia Chromatographia

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