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Lab 510 - Atomic Emission Spectra of Gases: Evidence of Quantum Structure

In this video the instructor starts off by telling the student what the proper safety gear is, 
and how to properly use the equipment needed for this lab. He then goes on to tell the 
student what they should be looking for in each spectrum for each gas. It is also noted 
that the student needs to take notice of the four most prominent spectral lines in each 
gas spectrum, for it will help you in your lab report afterwards. He does add a creative 
rap song to the video that helps the chemistry student remember the importance of this 
lab and what they should be able to understand. 
I would rate this with 4 stars. The reason for this is because there is good detail and 
instruction in this video. It also goes over what key things to look for when doing this 
lab. I like the fact the he tried to be creative, and had the chemistry rap been audible, 
I would have given a better rating.
- B.

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