Passy Lab

People in the Lab
Will Budnick, Current PhD student

I'm interested in identifying and modelling factors affecting the biogeography and diversity of stream communities across landscapes. I am especially interested in quantifying how anthropogenic and natural disturbances differentially impact community diversity, relative abundances, and morphological patterns. Finally, I am interested in the ecology and biogeography of U.S. crayfishes with particular emphasis on modelling and mapping distributions of rare and endemic Louisiana species.

Thibault Leboucher, Current PhD student

I'm interested in studying the organisation of diatoms communities. My specific questions include how anthropogenic factors affect diatom beta diversity across scales and how to optimize the use of diatoms in bioindication (European Water Framework Directive). I work on my dissertation at IRSTEA (Aquatic Ecosystems and Global Changes Research Unit) in France and I am co-advised by Juliette Rosebery and Sophia Passy.

Katrina Pound, Postdoctoral fellow

I am examining impacts of acid deposition on stream diatom communities in the Adirondack region of New York.  In addition to acid deposition, streams in the Adirondacks are also acidified by naturally occurring organic acids in the form of dissolved organic carbon. I am interested in whether these two sources of acidity (natural versus inorganic) have different impacts on diatom diversity, composition, and community assembly.

Chad A. Larson, Former doctoral student and former postdoc

Department of Ecology
State of Washington
Olympia, WA