Bicycle Coordinating Committee

A collaborative committee advancing bike culture on UTA’s campus.
Bicycle Friendly University Bronze Badge

Bicycle Friendly University

UT Arlington was recognized as a Bronze level Bicycle Friendly University in 2021 by the League of American Bicyclists. This shows our commitment to fostering a welcoming environment for bicyclists.

The designation was a result of the Bicycle Coordinating Committee working to document bike-friendly measures on campus in addition to learning more about what work can be done by UTA. 

Bicycling is an important part of many University campus’ cultures. As UTA’s enrollment grows year after year, more students are looking for an efficient way to get to class efficiently without having to get in a car. Riding a bike is an excellent option for many people on campus as they can travel to opposite ends of campus efficiently and with ease. The Bicycle Coordinating Committee consists of various stakeholders including students, staff, and other community members to make it easier for people to not only bike but also to make the campus more accessible for all “faster than feet” modes of transportation. The BCC aims to support bicycle culture on campus, promote and advocate for infrastructure upgrades, and conduct audits and surveys to encourage a bike friendly campus.

The committee has representation from UTA Parking and Transportation Services, Walkable Arlington, North Central Texas Council of Governments, UTA Department of Facilities, UTA Libraries, Health Services, CAPPA, International Education, UTA Police, and other stakeholders. The committee meets once a month and works to address various barriers to bicycling on campus.

Weekly group ride stopping for a picture.

Bicycle Friendly Community Workshop

This summer UTA got the chance to host Bicycle Friendly Community Workshop presented by the League of American Bicyclists. The workshop was held on June 29th and 30th and attendees got the chance to go on a bike audit around the campus. Stakeholders from the City of Arlington, UTA and Bikeshare Fort Worth all got to join in the discussion on ways to make the campus and surrounding areas more bicycle friendly.

Over the two days, participants divided into groups to brainstorm and come up with actionable items that would make it easier for students to access surrounding businesses on a bicycle. They also discussed the importance of making city leaders aware of these problems.

The Bicycle Coordinating Committee is continuing the conversation and has created three working groups: Planning and Implementation, Education and Outreach and Grant Funding. If you are interested, you can Join Us by completing the form below! 

They are also hosting weekly bike rides on Fridays at 4.30pm. All cyclists will meet in front of the Central Library.

Ride of Passage

Join us for a ride every Friday at 5pm! The group meets at the Central Library and goes on a different route every week.