Office Green Teams


University sustainability is an ongoing and collaborative effort that relies on allies and advocates to cultivate a culture of sustainability. The Office Green Team network connects those allies and advocates, empowering them with resources and connections to make incremental sustainable changes that add up to significant ones.

The Office Green Team Program goes beyond the typical environmental initiatives that many individuals, offices, and departments at UT Arlington already support. This program takes a coordinated, long-term, and campus-wide approach. The Office of Sustainability directly provides resources, helpful guidelines, and on-going consultation as needed. Through this program, we also provide recognition to outstanding green Maverick offices. The Office Green Team Network is comprised of staff and faculty who are passionate about sustainability and collaborate with one another to foster a sustainable community on campus.

Our efforts to date have been substantial. Many have taken the challenge to heart with individual commitments to recycling, turning off lights and computers at night, photocopying on two sides, and reducing water consumption.

We encourage all UTA departments and offices to take the next step by signing up for the Office Green Team Program. The Office Green Team program is a stepping-stone to getting faculty and staff involved in a responsible green lifestyle which simultaneously helps the campus move towards sustainability achieving goals. Start with simple changes. Small steps such as recycling, reusing scrap paper, double-sided printing, and unplugging unused electronics will move your office in a positive direction. To help you and your team get started, download the Points Planning Calculator below to assess your certification level for the program and find all the resources you’ll need to build your Office Green Team. We encourage the departments to assign an environmental steward or Green Team Rep for this program. This steward will be our point of contact for communication and sharing information and resources.

All the Office Green Team members will be a provided a Certification of Recognition that can be displayed in their office.

Join the Office Green Team

Get involved today! Learn all about the Office Green Team program and ways to go greener in your department.

Visit the recycling and composting and news and events pages for opportunities to learn and earn Office Green Team points.


Office Green Team Participants

Thank you to all of the UTA Green Office and Groups for their dedication to sustainable practices!

  • Accounting – Gold
  • Auxiliary Business Services – Bronze
  • Auxiliary Services – Bronze
  • Biomedical Engineering College of Business – Gold
  • Campus Recreation – Silver
  • Career Services – Platinum
  • Civil Engineering- Silver
  • College of Liberal Arts – Gold
  • Counseling Services Chemistry and Biochemistry – Silver
  • College of Science – Silver
  • College of Engineering – Gold
  • English Language Institute – Gold
  • Enterprise Development – Silver
  • Environmental Health & Safety – Silver
  • Equal Opportunity Services – Gold
  • Facilities Management – Platinum
  • Fort Worth Center – Gold
  • Graduate Studies Office Human Resources – Silver
  • Human Resources – Employment Office – Silver
  • Management Services, Housing and University Center-Gold
  • Mathematics – Gold
  • Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering – Gold
  • Multicultural Affairs – Gold
  • President’s Suite 300 including Provost and Administration & Campus Operations – Platinum
  • Office of Research Administration – Bronze
  • Special Events Facilities- Silver
  • Student Affairs, Davis Hall Suite 350 – Silver
  • Student Enrollment Services – Silver
  • Student Health Services – Silver
  • Suite 409 Accounting – Gold
  • College of Architecture, Planning, and Public Affairs (CAPPA) – Platinum
  • School of Social Work – Platinum
  • Student Publications – Silver
  • Office of Undergraduate Recruitment – Gold
  • University Communications – Gold
  • Central Library – Silver
  • Electrical Engineering – Bronze
Office Green Team Bronze Seal Office Green Team Silver Seal Office Green Team Gold Seal Office Green Team Platinum Seal

Green Office Success Stories

The School of Social Work is our first Platinum Level Green Office. They have developed their own logo which they use on team shirts that are provided to all team members. All employees in the School of Social Work have a reusable water bottle and coffee mug as well as a plant at their work station. Each year they have a Green Lunch on Fat Tuesday. Their lunch features sustainably sourced food that was organic and locally grown. Event the cups, plates and cutlery were 100% compostable. Their event was a Zero Waste event. The School of Social Work also has their own Facebook page.

UTA Libraries is listed as the Gold-level participant. The library is committed to cutting down on the paper consumed by the publicly accessible printing services in the Libraries. They have worked with OIT and the vendor to switch to emailed receipts instead of paper receipts for prints commanded in person. In the hopes of achieving Platinum status, UTA Libraries is launching a pilot study to test the feasibility of switching to using 100% post-consumer recycled papers in all our printers. Collaborative efforts between UTA Libraries, Property Management, and UTA’s Office of Sustainability made it possible to recycle 73 tons of paper through recycling periodicals in July 2020! In the spirit of innovation, UTA Libraries has a partnership with the UTA FabLab to recycle 3D printing waste materials.

Office Green Team Recycling Training