Spotlight Student Research Forum

2024 Spotlight on Student Research

Be Inspired! Be a Part of the Spotlight Audience.

Event Date: Thursday, April 11, 2024  

The College of Liberal Arts is pleased to announce the 8th Annual Spotlight on Student Research. The yearly event features undergraduate and graduate students in the College of Liberal Arts who have or are in the process of conducting research projects or creative activities under the guidance of UTA faculty. Two student presenters will be chosen by a panel of judges to receive a $200 scholarship.

Have questions? Email Ms. Ami Keller Garnett ( for inquires.


9am – 10am: Mis/Representation in Novels and Film / Art and Communication

10am – 11am: Research in Participation and Behavior / Rethinking, Relearning, and Redefining

11am – Noon: Research in Social and Linguistic Systems / Research in Drama, Art, and Film

Noon – 1pm: Poster Sessions / Renditions: Creative Approaches to Research and Writing

Snacks served all day. Come and go.


9AM - 10AM
Trinity Hall, 104 E Art and Communication
Yanina Blanco Underwater Adventure: An Invisible Hero Art & Art History
Thu Dang YouTube Use by Local Governments: A Metropolitan Case Study Communication
Trinity Hall, 104 W Mis/Representation in Novels and Film 
Umber Batool Deconstructing Asian-American Stereotypes through Everything Everywhere All At Once English
Katherine Hamilton The Misrepresentation of ASL and Deaf Culture in Mass Film Media English
 Kendall Hayes Irreducible Bonds: Family in Magical Realism English


10AM - 11AM
Trinity Hall, 104 E Research in Participation and Behavior
Danielle Myers Exploring Women’s Voting Patterns: Access to Abortion and Racial Dynamics Political Science
Arwa Aboal-Hijja Ethnicity and Sovereignty: Exploring Self-Determination in our Contemporary Political Domain Political Science
Anthony Emerick Randomized Participant Compensation: An Early Investigation into Social Influence in Cheating Games Sociology & Anthropology
Trinity Hall, 104 W Rethinking, Relearning, and Redefining
Alex Moino Lessons of Authenticity from Invisibility Philosophy & Humanities
Libby Morse The Sexualization of Flowers: Re-Learning Georgia O'Keeffe Art & Art History
McKenna Watson Gender, Voice, and the Sonic Hullabaloo English


11AM - Noon
Trinity Hall, 104 E Research in Social and Linguistic Systems
Alicia Leon Luna  “Criticize the way you fly”: Negotiations of Femininity and Motherhood among Young Disabled Women Sociology & Anthropology
David Edwards Impacts of Telecommunications Latency on Turn-taking Behavior Linguistics & TESOL
Emily Graham Agreement Attraction in Pronominal Dependencies Linguistics & TESOL
Trinity Hall, 104 W Research in Drama, Art, and Film
Sean Woodard The Signification of Murder in Dario Argento’s Sleepless (2001) English
Shuang Gou Unveiling Shackles: A Feminist Exploration in Art, Society, and the Creative Process Art & Art History
Lindsey Surratt “Blood and Revenge are Hammering in My Head”: Memory and Trauma in Titus Andronicus English


Noon - 1PM
Trinity Hall, 104 E Poster Presentations
Rayne Blickenderfer The Fly (1986), an Unintentional Modernization of Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis
Suvathsala Marupudi Reclaiming History: Connecting Taylor Swift Music English
Powers Eat the World Baby: 3-D Costume Concept
Theatre Arts & Dance
Class Discrimination in Snow White
Do Book Clubs Make You a Better Citizen?: Immigrant Participation in Civil Society Organizations and Their Voting Rates
Political Science
Contemporary Applications of the Case Method in Professional Military Education
Political Science
 Salas  Mexican Politics
 Political Science
Applied Behavior Analysis is in Texas State University Special Education Curriculums: A Program Analysis
Political Science
Trinity Hall, 104 W Renditions: Creative Approaches to Research and Writing
James Hoekstra Speaking on the Grave English
Kathy Hunter Adoption and the Quest for Identity: Glimpses of the Journeys English
Camille Smith An Act of Annotation: Unearthing hummanness: pieces of what Baldwin taught me about being English


Faculty Spotlight Liaisons

If you have questions, please contact your departmental contact for answers. This includes basic questions, such as “On what topic may I present?” or “Who will be my faculty mentor?”

Art & Art History
Dr. Lucy Bartholomee
Communication Dr. Mark Tremayne
Criminology and Criminal Justice
Dr. Patricia Eddings
English Dr. Sarah Shelton
History Dr. Paul Conrad
Linguistics and TESOL Dr. Ivy Hauser
Modern Languages Dr. Amy Austin
Music Prof. Megan Sarno
Philosophy Dr. Ken Williford
Political Science
Dr. Kayla Canelo
Sociology & Anthropology
Dr. Ritu Khanduri
Theatre Arts Dr. Julienne Greer