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MSAT Costs

MSAT Costs - College of Nursing and Health Innovation

The UTA MSAT Degree: An Investment in Your Future

Estimated Tuition and Fees

Our MSAT program offers a tremendous financial value for the student desiring a career in the field of Athletic Training. The table below shows an estimate of tuition and fees for the MSAT degree by semester. At UTA, accounts are due each semester prior to class start. [1]

Year 1 Summer 3 classes / 7 hours $3640
Year 1 Fall 4 classes / 13 hours $6730
Year 1 Spring 3 classes / 10 hours $5270
Year 2 Summer 3 classes / 7 hours $3640
Year 2 Fall 4 classes / 10 hours $5270
Year 2 Spring 4 classes / 10 hours $5270
Total Estimated Cost of Tuition and Fees: $28,280

Click or tap here for the UTA MSAT Degree Plan (2017), which lists classes and hours.

Athletic Trainer Salaries and Job Outlook

According to the 2016 NATA Salary Survey, a BOC certified, Master's-prepared entry-level (less than one year's experience) Athletic Trainer in a full-time position in Texas earns an average of $51,730 per year. Nationally, the average yearly salary for an entry-level athletic trainer was $38,825, with the average master’s-prepared AT (average experience & age) earning $52,695 per year. [2]

Employment of athletic trainers is projected to grow 23 percent from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations. Demand for athletic trainers is expected to increase as people become more aware of the effects of sports-related injuries, and as the middle-aged and older population remains active. [3]

International Students

The following additional fees apply to international students: Foreign insurance (health insurance) fee, international education fee, and international student service fee.  Click or tap here for more information from the Office of International Education.

Information concerning tuition, fees, and scholarships can be found here:

UTA Admissions, "What Will It Cost"
UTA Admissions, Tuition Estimator
UTA office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Additional Costs

MSAT students will incur the following additional costs associated with the pre-admission and post admission portion of the program.

Admissions Costs: Costs associated with entering the program
ApplyTexas (UTA Application) $40; $90 if international transcripts must be evaluated
Physical Exam $25 at the UTA Student Health Center
Hepatitis B Immunization:
Series of 3 shots
$50 per shot at the UTA Student Health Center; required
Mumps, Measles, Rubella Immunization Cost Variable; required
Hepatitis A Immunization Cost Variable; recommended
Tetanus Immunization Cost Variable; recommended
Meningococcal Immunization Cost Variable; recommended by the MSAT Program; may be required by UTA if the student is under 22 years of age (click or tap here for the UTA Meningitis Requirement webpage)

Post-Admissions Costs: Costs Ongoing while enrolled in the program
Textbooks and Course Packs Cost Varies by Semester and Vendor
Clothing: Khaki pants/shorts and tennis shoes Cost Varies by Type, Brand, and Vendor
Transportation Cost Varies based on clinical assignment location in the DFW area. Students are responsible for arranging transportation to and from clinical sites; carpooling is encouraged.
On-Campus Parking $180 per year for a UTA Student Parking Permit (most commonly purchased student permit; rate for AY 17-18). Required if parking a vehicle on campus. Cost is set by the UTA Parking and Transportation Office.
Student Liability Insurance $5 per semester; must be purchased when enrolled in clinical practicum courses.
NATA Student Membership / A-Track $75 per year; required for access to A-Track
Tuberculosis (TB) Blood Test Varies by Vendor, usually around $70. Required by some off-campus affiliated sites.
Drug Screening Varies by screen type and vendor. Drug screening is required for some off-campus sites; required for EMT-B and EMT-A licensing exams.
Graduation Application Fee $40; required for your degree to be conferred and to officially complete your academic program, usually submitted at the beginning of the student's final semester.
Also includes the printing and mailing of the graduate's physical diploma.
MSAT Graduation Banquet The MSAT Program covers the cost of banquet tickets for all graduating students.
Guests invited by Graduates may expect to pay approximately $25 per ticket to cover the cost of food.
Commencement Celebrations $145 for Commencement Regalia (Academic Cap, Gown and Hood), required if participating in Hooding and/or Commencement

Licensure Exams: Credentials for the Well Prepared Athletic Trainer
Board of Certification Exam for Athletic Trainers (ATC) $330, a national certification for Athletic Trainers. Successful completion of the exam and related requirements allows the use of the ATC credential.
Texas Licensure (LAT) $360, includes Application Fee, Written, Practical and Jurisprudence Exam Fees, and Initial License Fee. Fees will vary based on the specifics of the test-taker’s situation. Successful completion of the licensing requirements allows the use of the LAT credential.
Texas licensure is required to practice as an Athletic Trainer in the State of Texas. Each state jurisdiction is subject to its own rules.

Overall Costs

Your total expenses as a graduate student will vary depending on several criteria, including Texas residency, where you live, the particulars of your lifestyle, and much more. The above-mentioned figures are solely representative of tuition and required student fees.

Sources of Funding

More than 75 percent of UT Arlington students receive some type of student financial aid. Find out how much you may be eligible for with the College for All Texans Financial Aid Calculator.


  • You can find additional scholarships such as designated, departmental, private, and need-based scholarships through our scholarship system, Mav ScholarShop.
  • The MSAT program is able to offer a competitive academic scholarship for $1,000.00.  Selected students who receive this scholarship may receive an out-of-state tuition waiver based upon approval from the Office of the Provost.
  • Various Department of Kinesiology Scholarships
  • The National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) and the Southwest Athletic Trainers’ Association (SWATA) also sponsor scholarships for students enrolled in a professional master’s in Athletic Training program.  Information may be found here:


Grants are funds that normally do not require repayment, and are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Check out the different types of grants that you may be eligible for at UTA here


You can qualify for loans through your student financial aid package. Find out more about federal student loans available here.


Information concerning adding courses, dropping individual courses and refund policies can be found at this link: Please click or tap here for information concerning UT Arlington’s Policies on Add, Dropping, or Withdrawing from courses (Office of Records).

Return of Funds

Federal, state, or institutional funds may need to be returned if a student withdraws from courses.  Further information can be found at this link: Please click or tap here for information concerning return of funds, specifically financial aid funds (Office of Financial Aid).

Additional Information Concerning Costs

Physical and Immunizations

Students may make their own arrangements for the physical and their immunizations, so long as the required documentation can be obtained and submitted to the UTA MSAT program.

NATA Student Membership

Students will be able to join as new NATA student members at a discounted rate provided by the faculty after August 1st in Summer 1. The discounted price will include free membership for the remainder of that year, in addition to the membership the following year. Students who were previous members of NATA will have to renew their membership by December 31st of their first year. Students will have to renew their membership by December 31st during their second year.

MSAT students are required to use A-Track for management of their clinical education requirements (hour log, proficiencies, surveys, etc.). By accessing A-Track, students become student members of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) and the Southwest Athletic Trainers’ Association (SWATA). Membership benefits include the NATA News, access to the NATA’s Career Center, opportunities to attend conferences and network with professionals, and eligibility for scholarships.

MSAT Graduation Banquet

alt-textIt is a tradition of the UTA MSAT program to host a Banquet for graduating students, usually during the same week as Spring Commencement. During this banquet, we honor our graduating cohort, celebrate our successes with our friends and families, and enjoy a time of friendship and reflection as our graduates prepare to move on to their professional athletic training careers. Graduating students are encouraged to invite close friends and family.

The MSAT Program covers the cost of banquet tickets for all graduating students. Guests of graduating students attending the banquet must purchase a ticket, which includes a catered meal from a local restaurant, usually around $25 per ticket.

Commencement Celebrations

As Master's students, UTA MSAT students are eligible to participate in both the CONHI Master's Hooding Ceremony and CONHI Commencement during their graduating semester. Participation in Commencement Celebrations is not required, but most students choose to participate ("walk") so that their academic achievements are publicly recognized. Cost of regalia rental is set by the UTA Bookstore and is subject to change.

Licensure Exams

Athletic Training Students in the UTA MSAT program may encounter two exams, the BOC Exam and the Texas Licensure Exams. Fees for both exams are set by their respective governing organizations and are subject to change.

The UTA MSAT program strongly suggests that students sit for the BOC Exam, as it is a national credential that shows that the student is well prepared to practice, and allows the Athletic Trainer to list the ATC credential. Many Athletic Training job positions will require holding the ATC credential. Click or tap here to open the BOC Exam website.

Students who desire to practice as Athletic Trainers in the State of Texas after graduation are required to hold a license issued by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. Gaining Texas licensing allows the Athletic Trainer to list the LAT credential. Click or tap here to open the TDLR website FAQ for Athletic Trainer Licensing in Texas.

The decision to sit for licensing exams is ultimately up to the student, and is highly dependent on the student’s post-graduation plans. The exams will be discussed at length and in detail by program instructors during class. The information here is meant as a general orientation and to prepare students for likely costs, especially if the student decides to practice in Texas.


[1] The estimated figures are to be used for planning purposes only and are not reflective of actual tuition and fees incurred by an individual student. The estimate is based on an in-state resident student beginning the UTA MSAT program in AY 18-19 who progresses normally through the program. It is an estimate of tuition and fees only, and not of additional costs, books, library fines, living expenses, entertainment, parking and transportation, commencement expenses, or the other necessities of life for the graduate student. Your situation will be different from the example.

[3] U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics